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WIT offers a set of intermediary services for Forex traders, similar to that most often provided by brokers for Poland. According to the company's website, its founders were US traders who set as their goal the creation of comfortable trading conditions for customers. WIT declares itself as a vehicle for innovation in the field of technical support for trading solutions.

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Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Traders' Opinion on Basic Company Information

In general, the opinion of Russian traders regarding the basic information about the company is neutral.

Forex broker positive reviews:

• innovation;

• the presence of experienced traders - the founders of the company.

Forex broker negative reviews:

• location in offshore;

• the absence of a financial regulator, which implies the absence of any guarantees of protection against fraud and scam;

• a relatively short period of activity in the market.


Terms of cooperation and trading accounts 

The terms of cooperation with WTI, in terms of the set of trading accounts, are not much different from what brokers usually offer for Poland.

Account type

Initial investment amount



Spread type


Accruals on the balance





Market Execution







Market Execution







Market Execution




up $50000

1:1 -1:100


Market Execution


17%, personal manager.

In addition, the conditions are common to all accounts:

• Margin Call level - 20%;

• Stop Out Level - 10%

• Automatic trading - provided.


The opinion of traders regarding the terms of cooperation with the company

The reaction of traders to the terms of cooperation offered by the broker was extremely mixed.

Forex broker positive reviews:

• account with a low deposit;

• automatical trade.

Forex broker negative reviews:

• type of spread;

• signs that the broker may turn out to be a kitchen, and therefore fraudsters (comments by traders that with a size of $ 100, a deposit cannot be brought to the market under these conditions).


Deposit and withdrawal of funds

The set of ways to deposit money into your trading account is wider than the average brokers offer for Poland. There are much fewer ways to withdraw funds and some of them are limited by the minimum amount.




Visa, Mastercard

Personal or card account in a bank (amounts from $ 1000)

Bank transfers

Electronic payment systems

Payment terminals




The opinion of traders regarding the quality of depositing and withdrawing funds

The opinions of traders on the quality of input and output of funds by the broker were divided.

Forex broker positive reviews:

• full withdrawal of funds;

• timely withdrawal of funds.

Forex broker negative reviews:

• delays in the withdrawal of funds, due to which accusations of divorce and scam were made;

• ignoring attempts to withdraw funds, which led to accusations that the company is a scam.


Customer service

WIT provides traders with a wider range of additional services from those that brokers usually offer for Poland:

• round-the-clock support;

• MetaTrader4 trading platform, adapted to the broker's trading conditions;

• affiliate program to attract referrals;

• free contests and promotions;

• analytical materials;

• free education;

• training materials, including: money management, technical and fundamental analysis, riding psychology, etc.


Statements by traders regarding WIT customer service

And in this regard, the opinions of traders in Poland regarding the activities of the broker are mixed.

Forex broker positive reviews:

• availability of bonuses;

• contests and promotions.

Forex broker negative reviews:

• slow support service and its passivity;

• modification of the trading platform.



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