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WILL FOREX is another Forex broker that was founded back in 2010. And invites beginners and experienced traders to cooperation. Is it worth cooperating with the project and what are the real reviews about At the moment, on the network you can find a really colossal number of different Forex brokers that will offer you cooperation. However, you must clearly understand the fact that not all such cooperation can safely turn around for you. Because there are scammers hiding behind many swindlers. And such projects are created just to take possession of your money. And since we are talking about trading in the first place, then you can lose very large finances. And so that this does not happen to you, let's carefully consider the project in all its details.

Legend about the project

WILL FOREX was founded on the idea of democratizing trade. Back in 2010, when WILL FOREX was founded, the only way to trade was through a physical trading room as a wealthy person or institutional client. We managed to democratize trade, make it accessible and simple - but we can always offer our clients more.

The legend is quite large and there is a lot to read here. However, this is definitely not worth doing. After all, the legend is almost all false. Here the word we, us, etc. is used many times. But who are we all? If we have a company of experts and specialists, why is it not represented on the site? Where are the names and photos? They are not here. Because the team itself does not exist.

Only in a swindler's fevered brain. It is not so difficult to understand that we have another brokerage dump in front of us. To do this, you can simply just look at the site. The resource itself is not very informative, it has poor optimization and template design. Of course, real brokers have completely different sites.

They are expensive and thorough. And a lot of money is really invested in them. It is in this way that it is very easy to distinguish where the scam is and where the project is standing. Look attentive to the resource.

Contact details:

Project overview

With contact information, everything is very sad here. All we could find was just the email address and that's it. There is no online chat, no links to social networks, no phone number, nothing. And what's more, an email address is just an ordinary set of letters. This address does not exist at all. As soon as you want to send a corny letter.

But you will simply be given an error that no such address was found. How do you like this statement? It turns out that we cannot contact the admins of the project at all. We did not find any normal legal documents here either. Only one address: 155-2 KING STREET WEST HAMILTON, OH, CANADA L8P4S0. Of course, at this address, well, there is no such broker and never has been.

Where is the license? And who is the regulator? Where is the legal address and user agreement elementary? With such an incomplete legal basis, you can safely invest money here and trade. If a broker does not have a regulator, then there is no real access to the Forex financial market. All that is here is just an imitation of trading activities.

With a fake trading platform, scammers will simply slip fake charts on you. For which you will always be in the black. All this is done so that you invest even more money here. But unfortunately, very often users realize that they have fallen for a scammer when they try to withdraw money from their trading account.

Fraudsters can draw you, in principle, any amount. That's just the key word, draw. It's not real money. And your real money has long been transferred to offshore accounts. This is exactly how black brokers work.


Despite the fact that there are already quite a few young reviews about WILL FOREX. The project has a disgusting reputation. Users do not trust him and try to ignore the project. And those people who have already suffered from a scammer actively warn that it is worth ignoring the project and definitely not getting involved with it. Because he doesn't pay anything in principle.


WILL FOREX is another black broker that has nothing to do with the Forex market at all. This is just part of a false legend, which of course cannot be believed. Be extremely careful and try to avoid such offers on the net. If you do not want to lose your money and personal time. Warn your loved ones.

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