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Today we study the cooperation opportunities with the MSP broker and the MSP Limited reviews from traders.

MSP Limited scam?

Forex broker MSP Limited

Before finally deciding on a broker, it is necessary to carefully study its documents and terms of cooperation, the trading platform, and portfolios. And, of course, check online for reviews! The company from Switzerland, Msp Limited, has the most favorable account plan for new traders.
All contacts of the company, as well as the address of the main office in Zurich, can be found online:

We’ve also checked critical functions of the broker, using the example of MSP Limited reviews.

The online broker has long been different from the stockbroker stereotype we see in the old movies. Online trading has dramatically expanded the possibilities of both the trader and the broker.

First, an online broker creates an online trading platform. The company develops a terminal independently or buys access to an existing one. The venue is where all the currency and stock market processes are displayed in real-time. And thus, with the purchase of access to this site, a trader can participate in the auction anytime he wants.

Secondly, the broker provides professional support for transactions and offers investment training, course consulting, technical support, and customer service. All this is included in the portfolio options, which the client chooses for himself.

Broker MSP Limited has five investment portfolios to choose from, and they are designed for clients with different requirements.

Elon Thompson, a 47-year-old entrepreneur from London:

“An important feature of MSP Limited for me is trading in both Forex and the stock market at the same time. I invest in US stocks and foreign currencies at the same time. So far, stocks bring me more profit, but only because I do not take big risks with currency pairs. I can do everything on one platform with the Silver plan instead of running between two. Two for the price of one - what could be better.”

MSP Limited review of the trading platform

The company's programmers fully developed this version of the Metatrader-5 level terminal. What is important, the platform has several versions for the convenience of customers: for PC, tablets, phones, and some users can choose web terminal.

The platform is installed with one click.
The most secure option is the desktop version. Of the minuses: its installation requires hard disk space, and trading can only be carried out stationary, from the desktop or laptop where the software is installed.

The web version is more mobile and convenient, as you have access from anywhere in the world; all you need is the Internet. It has the same features as the PC version, with no limitations. When using the online version, clients’ data is protected using SSL logging, and some of it is stored in offline data centers. You can find out all the information about protection against hackers and fraud from the terms of cooperation and company documents.

The tablet and smartphone versions have unlimited functionality as well. You can manage your account and watch the market, make transactions, and open trades. As for analytics, you need to involve an account manager or use an extended version of the terminal (web or desktop).

Justin Morvac, a 39-year-old manager from Liverpool:

“I have the mobile version installed, and I recommend that you do the same. Every free minute I try to look at what is happening in the market. The company has such spreads that trading with them is very profitable; I try not to miss my profit.”

MSP Limited reviews confirm its long-standing reputation as a quality company. Account plans for every taste are designed for every trader group - both for beginners and experienced traders. Comfortable high-tech platform in several versions developed by company programmers. And altogether, this is a significant competitive advantage of the service.

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user_avatarMitchell Oliver 06.04.2022

I came across your site. And I decided to write, since I was a review from Andrei about cryptocurrencies here. I also invest part from the account in the Etorian funds. In general, a revenge, a good set of offers. And there is a fund with cryptocurrencies. At first, he alerted me, because He did not show growth. But then, naturally, he began to grow. I am even glad that I entered precisely in reduced indicators. T.K. The growth turned out to be excellent in my account, in a couple of weeks 20 %.

user_avatarHenry Joseph 09.04.2022

He began working in Msp limited* in March. At first he made transactions on a virtual account, but not for long - about half a month. During the testing, I got acquainted with the service, figured it out. As a result, I opened an account for $ 2,000, now during the trade I already have 2500 bucks, and at the same time I already withdrew 500 days ago. I'm going to continue to trade, plus I plan to participate in the competition a popular investor, there are good bonuses from the company.

user_avatarSkinner Harry 14.04.2022

I began to try Msp limited. I reviewed all the possibilities, studied for a long time, many different tools, many windows, transitions. The news tape from other traders as in social networks, nowhere, had any other broker. Great. I liked the statistics on traders to choose whom to copy. Very extensive, many filters. Even played with different parameters.

user_avatarNewton Aubrey 21.04.2022

I switched to this site solely because of cryptocurrencies, it is very simple and understandable to trade them, there are no additional complicating conditions and moments. I earned a little on Bitcoin, on the air in a hill I swept with a plus of 30%, but naturally Hai did not catch, it makes no sense. While the crypts was subsided, since I think the overheating of the market has not yet slept, I think about trading the copy of the copy, the time of call will soon be suitable

user_avatarGriffith Myron 27.04.2022

The broker is favorably distinguished by the opportunity to copy with good statistics on traders, although now some brokers have already begun to provide a service for copying transactions. In Msp limited, it’s a lot of traders on the network, millions, with good statistics, the statistics are convenient, with filters, this is the difference from others. For me, as not a very experienced trader, the ability to copy the transactions of experienced traders is an advantage.

user_avatarBarry Williams 01.05.2022

My experience shows me that brokers like Msp limiteds are much better than large financial companies with decades of experience. Because they want to get more customers and that's why you can get much better terms. A couple of years on a market, fast-learning team, that's it.

user_avatarWalter Smith 03.05.2022

Msp limiteds for me is terra incognita to be honest, I didn't hear enough to forge some strong opinion. I like their entry terms and the way their support guys talk to you, but that's pretty much it.

user_avatarSalvador Barker 05.05.2022

I am interested in the product, of somebody can help me to start please PM me

user_avatarMarvin Young 20.05.2022

It would be better if they have webinars, articles and something useful for newbies. But looks like they still have good points

user_avatarChristopher Miller 01.06.2022

Yeah, I’ve been working with Msp limited for a while now. not sure what analysis I can provide since Im just a beginner, but to me t’was all good. I didn’t get anything extraordinary, but they are working fair.

user_avatarWesley Holland 01.06.2022

An excellent platform for trading, in 3 days from 10,000 I raised 15500 and I think this is not the limit. Very pleased with the speed of support, the withdrawal occurs within an hour. I recommend

user_avatarDavid Lopez 06.06.2022

I have not traded money yet, I only study. There are a lot of interesting things for beginners.

user_avatarRyan Davis 08.06.2022

I learned from a friend about Broker msp limited, impressed with his delight about almost win -win finished signals, also decided to try and was satisfied))

user_avatarJesse Garcia 14.06.2022

He contributed $ 500, took bonuses for joy and was ready for trade)) But he only missed that the profit from the bonuses should be worked out later for a very long time)) Well, this is my experience, there are no complaints about the terminal.

user_avatarSteven Martinez 02.07.2022

Everything for comfortable trade is here. The commissions are low, markets where you can trade more than enough. Without enthusiasm, I still look at the domestic market. It seems to me his time will come, but not now. I have only 100 thousand r spinning in a car investigation in the Russian market, I twist the rest for myself in the USA and Asia.

user_avatarMichael Martin 04.07.2022

Great web service. No replacement for quality and functionality was found.)

user_avatarDaniel Sanchez 10.07.2022

I think so because deposits Msp limited are too high for a novice trader. Many brokers ask for $ 10 or even less. Well, there are not many training materials, there are practically no them. I understand that this is not deliberately. The central orders are ultimately impossible to bring to the interbank market, which means that customers of such brokers are simply doomed to lose their money

user_avatarLloyd Copeland 26.07.2022

Good afternoon! I am a completely new person in this matter, so it was important to start with what small and practice for larger sites. Msp limited perfectly suited to gain initial experience. I still have small winnings, but the investments are very low, I'm afraid to take risks until I completely understand all the systems. For all emerging issues, you can contact the support service, I agree with previous reviews, they answer essentially and quickly.

user_avatarCecil Stephens 07.08.2022

I made my broker Msp limited, I decided that these guys can be trusted, after all, there are so many years in the market, there are offices, the ratings are good. I am satisfied with the choice. For me, the most important thing is a good analytics so that you can completely entrust your finances.

user_avatarChristopher Miller 11.08.2022

I want to write that training materials and information that the manager sent to me could be sold for money for money for money for money. Really interesting manuals, but in my opinion, the most valuable is that you can call the personal manager and he explains what I myself did not understand. I am recently in trading and it is important to me. Thank you.

user_avatarScott Green 12.08.2022

I want to note the really effective trading strategies that it offers Msp limited. They really take into account the difficult situations in the market and remain relevant even with very strong volatility. And what could be more important when the market sometimes just fever? It can be seen that they developed pros, well done.

user_avatarJose Gardner 17.08.2022

Bitches on deposits are not pleased and prices are growing rapidly. At such a time, it is most profitable to invest in securities. For these purposes, I use the services of Msp limited broker.

user_avatarPage Peter 10.09.2022

In the current unstable situation, it finally became clear which of the brokers can be trusted, and from whom it is necessary to run. Msp limited- can. The manager is constantly in touch, talks about opportunities and restrictions. The situation is equally difficult for everyone, but here I can at least be sure that they care about my investment portfolio and do everything possible.

user_avatarHenderson Douglas 12.09.2022

I retired, but I continue to work. So I decided to attach pension payments to the case. I registered on Msp limited online, put a manager to me-I turned out to be a very good specialist, I helped to form an investment portfield correctly, I myself am not very versed in these subtleties, I just want to organize something like a passive income for myself.

user_avatarMartin Edward 15.09.2022

He translated his assets from Sberbank, as he fell under the sanctions. They did everything quite quickly, for 3 months the preferential trading conditions were provided. I signed up to their channel, so it is much more convenient to monitor economically important news.

user_avatarMatthews Kenneth 17.09.2022

I advise a real broker that provides the most favorable conditions for cooperation!

user_avatarReeves Joseph 27.09.2022

Good tariffs, I am generally perfect with my turnover. Profit practically does not suffer from commissions, since they are not felt with the right choice of tariff. Great analytics, now generally helps out.

user_avatarHoward John 30.09.2022

The servers are the fastest, which is the most for the execution of applications. Imperfect, but good in general.

user_avatarJim Robinson 06.10.2022

At first, it was difficult on the market, but their analytics helped out so well.

user_avatarStephen Alexander 09.10.2022

I learned trading, in fact, only when I opened the score in Msp limited*. Fortunately, the broker is really interested in the financial literacy of his customers. And analytics, of course, is cool. Everything is clear what to buy and what to sell.

user_avatarRobert Robinson 15.10.2022

I trade through them on Forex. Currency couples are enough, the money is withdrawn quite quickly. Well, I would like to be smaller, but this is the Wishlist of everyone.

user_avatarDustin Smith 15.10.2022

For me Msp limited it became a real salvation during the pandemic, when work in our town was gone at all. I had passed training before, and then I began to actively engage in trading. It’s good that everything can be remotely done and there are advice from the broker. There is profitability, at least small.

user_avatarVirgil Brown 18.10.2022

I did not face problems of withdrawing my money from a brokerage account Msp limited. I withdraw through their bank, everything always comes quickly and clearly in total.

user_avatarCraig Patterson 21.10.2022

At any point, you can go from the phone and trade. Functional enough, as for me. And most importantly - it does not slow down and does not buggle.