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The state of human health largely depends on the microclimate of the room. This takes into account the lighting, the presence of vents, air quality. And the latter includes the chemical composition of the air, the degree of its pollution, as well as temperature and humidity. In this article we will try to find answers to the following questions:


What should be the microclimate in the apartment?
Why do you need a humidifier?
What are humidifiers and how to choose an effective one?
In fact, not only well-being but also the quality of human life depends on how saturated the air is with moisture. In the cold season, when the batteries are heated to full capacity, the air is often overdried. Especially since at this time the percentage of water in the air drops to 15%. People often experience headaches, dizziness, dryness in the sinuses and sore throat. Worse, constant inhalation of dry air can cause allergic rhinitis, chronic cough and even asthma. Particularly vulnerable are young children, whose immunity is more sensitive to disturbances in the indoor climate. Therefore, babies often suffer from infectious and respiratory diseases.


The best way is to install a humidifier in your home or office. There are several types of such devices. Consider some of them.


This device works on the principle of hot evaporation - the water is heated and evaporates. Everything is very simple, like a boiling kettle without a lid. Its main advantage is the ability to moisturize up to 60%. The steam humidifier has high productivity, because in an hour of continuous operation it evaporates up to 700 g of liquid. All you need to do is fill a special tank with clean water and turn on the appliance. This humidifier can be placed in a greenhouse, hothouse or "winter garden". Of the disadvantages, it should be noted that during operation the device emits loud gurgling sounds. For some people, this can be a barrier to a good night's sleep. It is not recommended to use this marvel of technology in a house where there are children and pets - they may accidentally get burned by hot steam.



High productivity
Hot steam has a cleansing effect
It works very quietly
Auto shut-off in case of lack of water
Can be used for aromatherapy

High power consumption (up to 800 W)
Hygrometer * and hydrostat ** not provided
With careless handling, you can get a burn

Antiques, paintings, musical instruments, parquet, furniture - all this requires special care and control of the degree of saturation of the atmosphere with moisture. The ultrasonic humidifier works almost silently. The built-in humidistat allows to regulate humidity level taking into account room type. Electronic control by means of touch buttons or mechanical - you can choose the device with the control mechanism convenient for you.

As a rule, they are very compact and ergonomic, which significantly expands the range of their use. This humidifier is an indispensable helper in the house where there are small children. Most models are equipped with a durable waterproof case, under which are securely hidden generator, transformer, vaporization chamber, fan, spray and ultrasonic unit. Productivity of devices of this type reaches 550 g / h. It should be noted that some models have an additional filtration system aimed at reducing the amount of dust in the air.

Scheme of work

The main link in the work of such a humidifier is the radiator. When you connect the device to the network, it begins to vibrate with ultrasonic frequency. Gradually it becomes so high that it begins to break the surface of the water into microscopic particles. These small droplets already have the consistency of an aerosol. They are blown out in a uniform stream by a fan. The resulting fog spreads in the air and saturates it with moisture to the limits set by the user. After that, the humidifier stops working and goes into standby mode. The device independently controls the level of humidity, automatically turning on if necessary. Thus continuous operation of the device for maintenance of a comfortable microclimate indoors is carried out.

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