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What market trading strategy is suitable for a beginner?

29 / February / 20 Bunsi Shakiramal Visitors: 225 Rating: ★★★★★

I still think that a beginner initially needs not a strategy, but training. In order to understand how the market works, what players are present on it. What orders exist, what is a stop loss, how to calculate it. Find out in detail about risk and money management. And this is only a little. And when some kind of picture develops in relation to the market, only after that proceed to the choice of strategy.

And still, even if you find the perfect trading strategy that other people earn, it’s not a fact that you will succeed either. Because we are all different. Maybe it will not suit you, and it works conditionally at the American session, and at this time you sleep soundly.


You need to review thousands of graphs, find certain understandable patterns, pictures and situations that you understand. And further on the basis of all that is known, it is necessary to determine the amount of time that you are ready to devote to work on the market. Maybe it will be medium-term, because you can’t sit for days at the monitor. Or vice versa, you have a ton of time and intrades perfect for you.

Even the system that I trade in has many variations.

It would seem that I trade from levels. And from the levels you can trade rebound (a couple of types), breakdown (also a couple of types), false breakdown (3 types). It is impossible to trade everything, you need to choose for yourself 1 option, maximum 2. If there is more, then often the signals can contradict each other, and you will only get confused.


When all these issues have been resolved, you will need to choose one model that you will trade with, which you understand and is quite common in the market. And it is desirable that the conditions for the onset of the signal were not very many, since at first it is very difficult to comply with a huge number of conditions for opening a deal.


Your system must be yours. You can take something somewhere, but still process everything for yourself.

And do not forget about the risks, they should be clearly stated in your system. The recommendation is not only for a novice - you need to trade from the stop.


As an example, here is a set of parameters, having mastered which you can make a profitable trading method:


Look for entry points at low volatility, learn how to calculate it. the next moment is large limit sellers and buyers, if you learn to find them, then trading with them will have a profit with a high degree of probability.


Study the structure and mechanics of the market. I mean the technical part, the formation of breakdowns and rebounds from the levels, accumulation and distribution, etc. Control your risks and calculate possible losses so as not to lose your deposit too quickly.


Pay attention to related markets and indices, many instruments have a strong relationship and applying this knowledge can turn the probability of winning in your direction. Adapting these parameters, you will get a good trading strategy that can be applied in almost any market.


As for the standard indicators, I personally use moving averages and the ATP indicator.

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