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What is NFC in smartphone?

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Wireless NFC technology in a smartphone is contactless data exchange at a minimum distance. The development appeared in 2006, but became known only five years later. Today, phones with a payment module are flying around like hot cakes. And the possibilities of communication in a small radius have expanded significantly. With NFC, they pay for products in the supermarket through the terminal, transmit data using sensors, buy tickets for various modes of transport, communicate and exchange data with other devices, as well as view and listen to multimedia files.

How to find out if your phone supports NFC

Despite its popularity, the NFC option is not in every smartphone. There are several ways to check for this feature. Some manufacturers apply the letter N or the NFC icon to the battery or back panel. The required information is printed in the instructions. If you can't find the NFC icon, try searching for the phrase Near Field Communication. The manual also usually writes how to activate a useful function.
Go to phone settings. Find "Network Connections" or something with a similar name.

NFC Smartphone Review

After the transition, you will see the NFC icon if the device supports the technology. Here, some manufacturers give brief instructions on activation. None of the three attempts were successful? This means that the phone does not support the option, and you will have to pay for goods and services in the old way until you get a new smartphone or connect an external antenna for NFC.

How to configure and how to use NFC

➺ How to use NFC on an Android smartphone

There are just two simple steps to start wireless on your Android smartphone.

① First go to the phone settings, then click on the "More" button and check the NFC box. If all goes well, the Android Beam function will start automatically.
Sometimes this does not happen, and you need to activate the option manually through the settings.

② After activation, the procedure is as follows: Go to the Play market and download the Google Pay application. We link the card we plan to use for contactless payments. The system will ask you to enter the CVV code, expiration date and card number, as well as the name of the holder.

③ After confirmation you will receive an SMS with the verification code. Confirm card binding and enjoy contactless payments.
It is especially convenient that you can attach any number of cards to one phone, regardless of their status, such as credit, debit, virtual and even gift. To pay for a product or service using a phone that has Android installed, you need to press the power button and exit this mode.

④ After that, we bring the device to the terminal and in one or two seconds the payment process will start on the device. You do not need to open the application before each payment. If the NFC function is activated, everything happens automatically. Payment is extremely simple and fast. Probably this is the main secret of the technology's popularity.

➺ How to configure NFC on an iPhone

To set up NFC on an iPhone, you need to log in to iCloud and activate the Touch ID feature. Then the procedure is as follows:

  1. ① Open the Wallet application.
  2. ② Click "Add map", then click on the word "Next".
  3. ③ Enter the CVV code, name, surname, expiration date and card number.
  4. ④ We put a tick and agree to the terms of the agreement.
  5. ⑤ We are waiting for the message with the verification code to arrive.
  6. ⑥ We confirm the binding of the card with a code.

The NFC payment system is completely secure for several reasons. For example, to conduct a transaction, you need to bring the devices almost close to each other.

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