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What can you learn by talking to an experienced trader?

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What can you learn by talking to an experienced trader?

Many novice traders have some prejudice about those who have been trading for more than a year. Beginners think that an experienced trader is certainly a trader who has a stable profit and has an extremely correct idea of the market and of trading.


After all, a beginner read somewhere and learned for a long time that trading is not a game, it is a job. But at the same time, completely without delving into the essence of what exactly is understood there as work and games. An experienced trader is seen by those who have spent a lot of time learning and have work experience. And most of these people are known to have stable incomes.

A newcomer does not expect to hear from a long time trading something other than good advice, and does not expect from his trading history anything other than beautifully stable and profitable.


Obviously, there are far fewer experienced and stably profitable traders than a beginner might think. And most advisers will teach him to drain money, that is, the only thing that they can do.


To someone who has decided to engage in some new money business, whether it be trade or something else, one must remember what time he lives. And leave useful simplicity somewhere out there, for love and family affairs. And not for money.

Probably, the partial reason for the naivety of the newcomers leads to the question of where the people now get the information from. It is known that thanks to the Internet it has become much larger, but at the same time, it was left without at least some kind of quality control. Anyone writes and speaks on video today, you can even say whoever is.


The trader opened a trading account and asked himself a simple and probably the most important question for him with what parameters he should trade. Roughly speaking, which lot should he choose. In response, he will hear anything and it is not known what he will choose. But, based on the theory of probability, he will choose something wrong. And he will spend a lot of time and money merging deposits.

He will also look for strategies and they will give him an adviser trading on the ideal in its simplicity, but at the same time, drain system.


Beginners will benefit if they initially have doubts, skepticism and suspicion somewhere.


If communicating with the trading community, they will ignore the principles of visionaries and ludomania, they will be able to arm themselves with something useful.

To think and have an understanding of what they want to achieve from trade. To find out that there is a significant difference in the imaginary profit of gamers and that which really exists and whose examples can be found at some traders. And find in monitoring, and not in phrases like "Yes, I have a friend who has lived with Forex for many years." It’s better to ignore this. It will take too much time to check where the profit itself is, and where there is talk about it.


In addition, a novice should explain to himself that understanding money management is much more important for him than propaganda trading systems. And you will need to ignore tips that include key and iconic phrases. Such as “Less Risks” or “If Not Available”. Observation shows that such explanations accompany a misunderstanding of the essence of the market and trade on it.


In 2011, I was convinced that they spoke correctly on TV. Trading profitably is not easy, and few get it.

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