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What are the main criteria for choosing suitable projects?

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First you need to understand what an investment project is. Simply put, they suggest that you increase your blood without your participation. You just need to bring this money somewhere. There is a classification and everyone chooses the most convenient for themselves.


The main criteria should be:


- reputation and reliability, time-tested;

recommendations of real friends - project participants;

- transparency and regularity of reporting, access to information;

-regularity of payments;

- mandatory legal registration;

- real market interest, not sky-high figures.


There are countless such projects on the Internet. There are also sites dedicated to them. There is a lot of advertising, the numbers are simply amazing, the eyes are scattered. Anyone who is just starting to work on the Internet is in a hurry to snatch his million somewhere.

But I dare to say that investment projects on the Internet are a 99% scam. Maybe there is somewhere around 1%. But I have not met. Yes, and especially not looking.

First of all, virtual projects is a game with one goal. They especially do not monitor the reputation. The same creator of the project raised money, made a couple of payments, the investor raised rates, you can close, change the name, host and new one.

And the financial pyramids from the time of MMM did not die out, people's lives are not taught anything. It is believed that if you go straight, you can make good money. Only here is the dilemma. Scary from the very beginning scary, the project is unknown, and then late. It’s better not to let this thought into your head.

The fact is that these projects have not signed any agreement with you, they only promise, but in reality, from a legal point of view, they do not bear any responsibility. You can complain as much as you like, but the maximum that can be done is to tell the whole Internet. But they do not care thanks to the above scheme.

I even came across a situation when I was working on the same content exchange, when orders for positive feedback indicating the amount of payments were received in batches.

Investments must be made in real, time-based, time-tested projects. Shares, securities even in microcredit organizations are microcredit financial organizations (by the way, a good percentage is there). Developers have investment projects.

Well, investment in projects related to production and agriculture is ideal. You can choose them yourself or contact a good investment fund. They have ratings that they value, unlike online rogues. They fight for the investor and for the number of companies that can become their customers. They will help you choose a project or create a package of several projects.


There is a promising commercial idea. If the project has no ideas, then there is no project. The project can create a private person or legal entity. Any agreed investment project turns into a full-fledged object, ready for operation. After the business plan has been agreed. It is also necessary to purchase all the necessary legal licenses and certificates.


The basic principle is “do not store eggs in one basket”.

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