Brokers (like Trendsmacro broker) or dealing centers are the companies that provide their clients with access to trading on financial markets. The most advanced of them cover the entire range of financial assets: currencies, commodities, stocks and securities, CFD contracts.


What is good about Forex?

When you trade Forex, you’ll always find a way to open a deal and close it. That means that every second hundreds of trades are opened all over the globe since this market in not centralized, and dozens of traders are willing to sell something and buy something. They all form extremely high liquidity of the market itself, and since there are not only private investors, but also institutional investors and large financial entities like national banks, the market has incredible volume of trades. Structure of the market allows almost anybody from any country of the world enter it and try to prosper on currency courses.

Even while commodity and stock market are limited by local exchanges, currency market is working day and night, with no stops, five days a week, making day-offs just for Saturday and Sunday. Try it, and you will find out that every hour there’s an exchange that can receive orders from brokers like Trendsmacro broker and provide charts. Even if the Forex trading is not something that you do for living, you still can participate if you have at least couple of free minutes a day.


What is not so good about Forex?

Forex is a great opportunity and the great risk too. So every trader who’s entering it needs to be ready to see market rises and fallings, because it’s one of the most unstable markets in the world. And that’s what makes currency exchange extremely profitable. Trendsmacro broker advises to choose trading strategy wisely and always keep in mind that trend can turn in other direction.   


Trendsmacro review

Trendsmacro forex broker has a number of good points that attracts new traders to it lately. We can name good spreads, training for the unexperienced traders, personal account manager, analytics and much more. All the features are offered to those who open live account, choosing one of four account types.


Lets see it in details: 

Broker Type: CFD

Country: Republic of the Marshall Islands

Operating since year: 2020

Address: Republic of the Marshall Islands

Broker status: Active

Customer Service

Languages: English

Availability: 24/5


Trading platforms: MT4

The Trading platform Time zone: GMT +2

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Other trading instruments: Yes

Minimum deposit ($): $250

Maximal leverage: 1:300

Spread: Variable

Scalping allowed: YES


Trendsmacro broker works daily to provide its clients with best conditions, that’s why all the advanced account types are more profitable, and it gets better with the rise of investment amount. For example, on Platinum account you’ll not only get leverage up to 1:400, but also receive the smallest possible spread of 0.1 pips. And since the investment amount on Platinum level is $50.000, it’s significantly lower than with other brokers in the area.

Company is well-know not only for trading conditions, but also for its support service and customer care. Trendsmacro broker system is working as one mechanism connecting traders with technologies and support. Along with liquidity suppliers and payment solutions this system becomes a perfect hub for financial activity.

Trendsmacro forex broker customer serviceis open 24/5. All trading actions on the platform are protected with SSL-encryption and general privacy rules, common for all the companies working in EU. Even while headquarters or Trendsmacro broker are located in Republic of the Marshall Islands, it still obeys all the local regulations of the regions of presence.

Trendsmacro scam protection works as a complex of protocols, both legal and technical, which targets the fraudulent actions of all the market participants. It’s well-developed combination of three policies: Privacy Policy, Anti Money Laundering policy and Know Your Customer policy. First one collects all the rules that explains what company and its employees are obligated to do with all the personal data of traders that they store. Second determines the ways of depositing and withdrawing funds and describes the fraud protection during those transfers. And the third determines the list of rules that guide the new registrant through verification process while onboarding. All the three of them combined determine the details of every customer who gets the access to the platform, and that’s the point where most of scammers stop. System will simply not allow to trade any unauthorized person, and it won’t allow anyone to withdraw the money to some third-party credit card, bank account or wallet. Trendsmacro broker guaranties that in case of emergency your account will be temporary freezed until all the details are cleared, and in case of attempts to steal your money every suspicious withdrawal request will not be processed.


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