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Checklist from TrendsTurbo forex broker: scam and its reasons

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As you know, the weakest point in protection against any fraud, including an electronic one, is a person who can provide the access to his own accounts. No amount of technology can protect you if you are not careful. scam detection specialists will tell you about human weaknesses, which scammers often rely on.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Thirst for easy money

The thirst for easy money, or, in common parlance, the love of freebies, is one of those human weaknesses that are used by scammers in the first place.

Easy money, lottery winnings, creating a payment or other system. It should be well remembered that free cheese lays only in a mousetrap. If someone asks you to transfer him $10 and promises to send back $20, ask yourself: why would he do that? scam check: Fear

Another natural human feeling that attackers rely on is fear. "Follow the link, otherwise your account will be blocked", "if within 10 minutes after reading the email you do not send an SMS to a short number, your mailbox will be deleted", and other similar phrases motivating the user to take certain actions immediately, without hesitation, aimed at playing on this very feeling.

It should be borne in mind that no postal provider will block your account in this way and, as already mentioned, will not require you to follow the link in the email to enter your data. In general, no one will rush you in any legal notification - all intimidating and urgent emails can be immediately regarded as fraudulent. Keep in mind that not one of your services providers will need your registration details: they already have all your data, and they will just send you notification inside the system that you’re using.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Naivety / Helpfulness / Gullibility

Good, kind human qualities, unfortunately, are also often used by scammers.

We must be aware that all requests for help that come through spam are lies. If you want to help your neighbor, contact special funds. By the way, such funds never send spam.

And no other trader will ask you to send some money to his account because he lost everything and needs something to get back on the feet – it’s just scammer who’s found out that you trade on this platform.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Curiosity

Amazingly, it happens that we send money to scammers ... out of curiosity. Even if we do not quite understand what exactly we were offered in the email, and do not expect to receive a million at all, sometimes it is simply “interesting” to follow the link and see what will happen.

What happens when you’re following the lead of such a curious user? TrendsTurbo scam check team replies: nothing interesting will happen, you will simply lose money, maybe even all the money from the card that you’ve used.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Carelessness

Typically, the pace of internet life is higher than the pace of normal life. Here, as Caesar, we often do several things at once: we work, check mail, read the news, communicate using IM systems, listen to music, etc. This inevitably results in the distraction of attention. Sometimes it is because of this that we can take a fake email for a real one. Although with a closer look, we would immediately identify the sign of the fraudster.

Do not hurry. Before you commit any irreversible actions, think, read the email again – and most likely move it to trash.

Internet safety rules from experts

It should be remembered that in addition to fraud, there are many other threats, in particular, a variety of malicious programs that can steal various passwords, logins, information about credit cards and much more without the fraudsters "communicating" with the user.

To protect themselves, scam experts urge you to follow a few simple rules:

  • Use an antivirus:

modern, regularly updated antivirus will provide reliable protection against various Internet threats;

  • Download updates regularly:

software updates close vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals;

  • Do not leave your data on open resources:

data left on the Internet is collected by criminals' robots, which can later use it for their purposes (for example, send more spam to your mailbox);

  • Don't download anything from random sites:

there is a high probability that you will receive malware along with the downloaded program/book/movie;

  • Don't follow links in spam emails:

such links often lead to fraudulent or malware-infected sites;

  • Do not open attachments in emails if there is any doubt about the reliability of the addressee:

There is a high probability that the application contains malware (even if it is a Word document as warned by TrendsTurbo experts);

  • Do not try to "unsubscribe" from spam (especially if the spam message contains a corresponding link):

it will not help get rid of spam, rather the opposite. experts determined two most likely scenarios for the development of events: 1) spammers regularly launch automatic scanning and cleaning of their databases from non-existent addresses; By replying to the email, you confirm that your address (which, perhaps, was picked up automatically) exists, it is read. This will induce spammers to add it to separate, "clean" databases, as a result of which you will receive even more spam; 2) following the link, you will be taken to an infected site and receive a malicious program on your computer.

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