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Advice from Trendsmacro: scam Forex courses and how to protect yourself

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Trading Schools - Trendsmacro review

Usually they are created by specialized sites, brokers and so-called experts. Each of those is usually promoted as unique opportunity. There are some of them devoted to the strategies created by some trader, who stands for a symbol of success and a ray of light in the dark realm of Forex. There also multi-strategical classes.

The prices for studying at trading schools vary. For example, for $15 you can sign up for "Forex trading". And for $ 2000 - join "Applied Wave Analysis on RENKO CHARTS" from a certain specialists. At the heart of the calculations lay three very common things:

  • ➤ Elliott Wave Analysis,
  • ➤ Fibonacci levels,
  • ➤ RENKO schedule. tip: paying so much is pointless. All the instruments and tools used for trading have a long list of free informational resources all over the Internet.

In fact, trading schools are just some sort of courses. Only bigger. One school may offer several different courses. They are given solid names to lure in more people.

Most trading schools sell information that can be found on the Internet. scam warning states that what they do is really some sort of scam because you receive nothing useful for all of money that you pay.

Fact from In 2019, the excitement around currency pair trading has subsided. In the early 2000s (that is, at the time of the birth of retail Forex), the cities all over the world were plowed by buses decorated with advertisements of various schools and dealing centers. Everyone was invited in. Ads promised to teach people to trade. But in fact all those clients had to deal with scam.


Free courses: tips

There are no philanthropists in the market, especially in Forex. If the information is exclusive or not freely available, you will have to pay for it.

This is about learning to trade. Free courses only seem like that. They take time and money. It’s not a gift, even if you don’t pay for them. Because the theory must be connected with practical experience, and every trading activity involve investment that can be lost.

At best, the listener of the free course is expected to open an account where they are told. It is good if it is a bank or a good broker like Trendsmacro Forex broker.

But more free courses are offered in order to sell something later. For example, if listeners are told about a super effective Forex advisor tool, you shall keep in mind that the whole course is made just for selling this tool.

Trendsmacro warns: typically, free courses provide basic skills. It helps to understand the specifics of the market and strengthen the knowledge of the basics. If you have enough experience to move forward, they will be useless to you. analysts say that finding a free course that's useful is incredibly difficult. Most of them are aimed at beginners. Their content distorts the perception of the market. Traders receives promises of unconditional success, guaranteed profits and the fulfillment of all desires as soon as they pass the super-cool unique free course.


How to benefit from free courses

A novice trader can turn the desire of dubious offices to cash in on him in his favor. Indeed, most free courses provide useful information. The main thing is to ignore the agitation and not buy anything offered.

At least you’ll get the basis.


Are there any good paid trading courses? Trendsmacro advice

Yes. They are carried out by:

  • ➤ higher education institutions specializing in business;
  • ➤ some banks and brokers.

They provide an opportunity to undergo training in trading on exchanges with real intermediaries and mentors. tip: Don't give up hope. In fact, all the knowledge required for stock, commodity and futures trading can be projected onto Forex. Most of the revelations of the so-called forex experts are a copy of popular strategies and methods of classic markets.


How useful are paid courses?

Many of them can be quite helpful. Especially those devoted to basic knowledge, which is so necessary for beginners to structure. In addition, on paid courses, you can ask the questions and get reply from your mentor. He received the money, so he has to work it off.

But the fact is that the price of most paid courses is unreasonably high. And there is no guarantee of the return of funds invested in them in the form of income from trading.

Advice from Trendsmacro: pay for Forex courses only if their cost matches the level of professionalism of the mentor and the quality of the material he provides. Think about what exactly you need: get the basic skills required by every trader, or study in depth one of the areas (methods) of trading, in which you already understand. conclusions

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question: "What are Forex courses: scam or not?" On the one hand, they provide an opportunity to obtain useful information that will help you trade better and make fewer mistakes. But on the other hand, those who sell them have one goal - to shake more money out of each student.

They are willing to make promises they cannot keep. This is very bad, and because of that the reputation of retail Forex is far from perfect. And as noticed by  scam makes it even worse.

Trendsmacro recommends starting with free open-source materials and professional literature. As you gain experience, take a closer look at the different practicing traders. If their strategies and methods of work meet your expectations, get training. But only on a real account with constant feedback.

Remember: the market is constantly changing. What worked flawlessly before may become useless. Your task is to get a solid base. And then gradually gain experience with minimal risks.


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How many read about this company before opening an account, everyone writes that the strong point here is analysts.

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Here you can take analytics and there is a database of strategies, from which I chose for myself. I have personally combined the two and am trying to achieve stable trading.

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I'm not sure about other brokers, but this company works like they know what they are doing. It was really nice to cooperate with them for the last several months and I'm looking forward to continuing our cooperation. Spreads are really low and there are no commission fees, that's all you desire from a broker.

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I enjoy the 0.5 pip spread and the ability to trade with all the necessary indicators. Of course it is not the best company, but as for now I am glad.

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Tried to trade on demos, but is seemed to me more like a video game. When I switched to the real one it become much more interesting thing. And a living support thing is the best one.

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