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Trendsmacro review: new promising broker on Forex

21 / February / 21 Bunsi Shakiramal Visitors: 501 Rating: ★★★★★

 Trendsmacro reviews

Like other brokers, the company provides intermediary services in Forex. It was introduced to the market quite recently and as a priority it declares the introduction of innovations, as well as focus on the needs of traders.

On market since



Local Regulators


Marshall Islands


registration and control of Trendsmacro: reviews

Forex broker received positive reviews

For a customer-oriented approach;

For a wide range of opportunities


Trading conditions

When creating client accounts, the company focused on different sizes of minimum investments in a trading account, as brokers usually do. The choice of an account here is limited by the level of the minimum deposit.


  • ✦ Min investment: $250
  • ✦ Spreads: From 2.8 pips
  • ✦ Leverage: 1:300
  • ✦ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ✦ Expert advisors: No



  • ✦ Min investment: $2,000
  • ✦ Spreads: From 2.5 pips
  • ✦ Leverage: 1:300
  • ✦ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ✦ Expert advisors: Yes



  • ✦ Min investment: $10,000
  • ✦ Spreads: From 1.5 pips
  • ✦ Leverage: 1:300
  • ✦ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ✦ Expert advisors: Yes



  • ✦ Min investment: $10,000
  • ✦ Spreads: From 0.1 pips
  • ✦ Leverage: 1:300
  • ✦ Personal account manager: Yes
  • ✦ Expert advisors: Yes

broker's trading conditions: reviews

Forex broker received positive reviews

For terms of trading, which were considered appropriate by most traders.

For a minimum deposit;

for absence of commissions

Service, support and additional tools

In the forex broker client support package, you can find all the main points that brokers usually offer:

  • ➤ support service during trading hours;
  • ➤ educational materials, including a trader's manual;
  • ➤ relevant information and analytics;
  • ➤ affiliate programs and promotions.

Traders' opinion about service

Forex broker received positive reviews

For the level of service by customer support.

For the implementation of the site and all materials on it in English.

for the architecture of the website

Payments - review

For making payments, the company offers both wire payment and the ability to use payment systems. The use of bank cards is possible after confirmation of ownership and authorization, which are required by scam preventing service.

Traders' opinion about the quality of payments made by the company is positive.

Traders' opinion about payments

Forex broker received positive reviews

For the completeness of the withdrawal of funds;

For timely transfers.

for the presence of almost all popular payment systems



The broker's reputation is quite stable among Western European traders. Thanks to the support of anti-fraud programs, Trendsmacro provide safe and comfort trading, therefore this platform is often chosen by both beginners and advanced bidders. The broker is favored by having its own web platform and good service. Reviews about this broker are positive, and most traders specify that this broker has all they need for long-term business relations. Starting from the place of registration, the broker inspires confidence.


Customers reviews:

Antony Calm, UK, 28, accountant

The effect that some companies can cause to your profits is really significant and you should never underestimate it. I wish I'd encountered earlier, its really hard to describe how many problems with trading I could've avoided if it wasn't for them.


Mary Jules, Madrid, Spain, 30, smm-specialist

Wow, the market is so rough right now, I'm beginning to think about all those global crisis warnings that circulate around. Good thing this Trendsmacro is very stable, I would hate losing my investments.


Milton Harris, Ireland, Dublin, business owner, 45

It doesn't really matter how you prefer to estimate the success when it come to brokers, this trendsmacro would still be on top of any chart. I love working with them and can surely recommend them to all of you.


Pilar Vidal, Spain, Barcelona, 32, economist

I cant tell you how many times I've felt that my funds are being uselessly wasted by a lousy broker before I encountered this company. With trendsmacro, my financial situation began to brighten really fast, and I'm planning on cooperating with them as long as possible.


Victor Revuelta, Portugal, 60, retired

This trendsmacro will be really good for you if you understand your own business. What you guys need to realize is that your success is based more upon your own skills and less upon the broker you choose. In case you know how to trade this company will do great for you.


Wacław Janicki, Krakow, Poland, 43, teacher

Soo, I've been working with this broker for about three and a half weeks now... feeling pretty satisfied overall, but is a bit frustrated by the fact they have no other terminal than Metatrader. I don't think it influences the trading itself in anyway, it's just I like my options open

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Comments 21

King Martin 01.03.2021

I am very glad that I managed to earn money and that I have already received my first earned money! Thanks!

Feil Rodrick 09.03.2021

Good broker, easy to open an account, excellent customer service. Competent technical support and, most importantly, respond promptly.

Foster 11.03.2021

A reliable broker, you can trade normally if you do not make mistakes yourself. The money is paid. Trading conditions are acceptable.

Rasmus 20.03.2021

I started here and am very glad that I chose this place. I was lucky with my manager. He was very patient, he told me the basics of trading. Today I could already teach someone myself. For this level, I did not have to look for information elsewhere – everything you need to know about deals and strategies is told in this company. The main thing is that it brings tangible income.

Carl 26.03.2021

All that I once wanted from trading was to get more profit. But I got much more – invaluable life experience, the ability to analyze a situation and see its positive potential. This is the philosophy that this broker taught me.

William 30.03.2021

Traders who are long here, what are your impressions of this service? Does it make sense to enter a trade? That's how I really like everything, at first glance.

Alfonso 03.04.2021

This broker will always find something interesting to offer to improve your strategy. We have been cooperating for many months, but I still sometimes am surprised by the advice my manager gives me. It has never happened before that the forecast did not justify itself. I trust this service.

Benjamin 07.04.2021

When working with this broker, constantly improve your approach. I do so and have already succeeded. It is right to learn from professionals how to trade for profit and minimize risks.

Marc 13.04.2021

I will join the voices of other users. The spreads are good and stable. Any trading technique is possible here if you trade honestly. All technical points are easy to learn thanks to excellent service.

Alberto 17.04.2021

Received my first cash flow! Wow! I have never traded at all ... So it is true that you can make money on exchange rates. It used to seem like it wasn't for me ...

Johannes 19.04.2021

and ... my money is in my account! Incredible! I waited for 4 hours. They say that it is very little. That you can wait 2 or 3 times longer with other brokers. These four hours seemed like an eternity to me ...

Rio 21.04.2021

Huh ... At the last moment I managed to recoup my sum ... It's good that I followed the advice of my manager. Good luck everyone!

Emil 21.04.2021

It was a good idea to choose a broker with real trading conditions. Now I'm doing well here. The only thing that alerted me at the beginning was the low spreads. But they are exactly like that and you have the opportunity to earn.

user_avatarMartel 24.04.2021

To be honest, I was really hesitant when this broker contacted me. In my opinion, one should always be extremely careful when facing new opportunities, but now I'm kinda glad I did give them a go. Average profitability of 19% is really working for me, I'm yet to see another broker who can provide such results.

user_avatarJohan 29.04.2021

Wide range of tools, a lot of data and stats. Solid for its reliability in payments. You can get almost any amount.

user_avatarSalvador 11.05.2021

I am so glad I overthought my doubts before starting trading. I wish I started a year ago.

user_avatarSimmons 20.05.2021

I'm just a beginner trader so far. What I want to say. This is the same work as any other, requiring a lot of time, perseverance and patience. But, if you wish, you can learn absolutely everything. Therefore, for myself, I decided to study and start trading quietly. So far, mainly on the recommendations of financial consultants, in the future I plan to increase my knowledge base and trade on my own, without anyone's help.

user_avatarRalf 01.06.2021

I have been cooperating with the company for a long time. A very good broker. I would even say excellent. I am satisfied with all the conditions that the company has. I earn and it makes me happy.

user_avatarHarold Craig 05.06.2021

I’m here for three months, it feels so good when everything starts making sense and your profit grows along with your experience. I should thank the company support for explaining so many things to me.

user_avatarDaniel Wells 18.06.2021

I've been trading for almost 15 years and this is one of the best brokers I worked with. Excellent conditions and low spreads.

user_avatarDavid Hernandez 23.06.2021

I registered here a month ago. Haven’t had any problems yet, so I guess I’m staying for now.