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MSP Limited scam protection tips: Top-7 signs of fraud

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MSP Limited recommends checking the broker's company for reliability to prevent trading from turning into a scam.


Forex broker MSP Limited

Several signs will help identify a scammer in the market. For example, if a company, for unknown reasons, delays the payment of funds to a client. But this is already the moment; the client is already under the influence of scammers. To not become a victim of scammers, you need to study the signs of a scam.

Due to experts from scam can be identified by the following signs

Traders with impressive experience (ten years or more in Forex), MSP Limited broker specialists can determine a scam immediately after meeting the broker. Experts will tell you by what signs you can identify scammers. Let's describe the point of the possible threat by the end that can help identify a Forex scammer?

Suspicion is caused by a company that:

Less than a year on the market. Even if the company does not arouse suspicion, but you did not find reviews about it on the Internet, the site, or enough information, most likely you are facing a scammer. A new broker is not necessarily a scammer, but it is straightforward to fail in business without experience.

So how should it be? Forex is a dynamic market with pitfalls, so look for a broker who has been in the market for about three years. Also, the broker must have reliable liquidity guarantors. It’s good if all the conditions are met as MSP Limited has, and a good working life and liquidity providers among large European companies and banks.

The broker is not subject to European laws. For trading on the Internet, the place of work of the broker is not essential. What is important – is in which country the broker is registered.

So how should it be? The best broker must be registered in one of the European countries; this will help you defend your rights in conflict situations. Registration information can be found on the company's website.

The details of the broker are not listed on the site. This is the most apparent violation of consumer protection laws, and the violating company is an undesirable partner for cooperation.

So how should it be? What information should be on the broker's website: broker's contact details: broker's address, phone numbers, feedback form, technical support contacts. For example, as on

No verification is needed. Finding out the identity of the identity and the client’s solvency is a requirement of the financial, legislative framework in Europe and the United States. For European brokers, there are two main areas of security that they are required to comply with: the law directed against fraudulent activities in the financial market (Anti Money Laundering) and the "Know your customer" rule. These laws require real customers to participate in financial processes and transactions.

So how should it be? The list of documents required for verification is posted on the broker's website. This is a photo or scan of a passport, a picture of your bank card, receipts for paying bills.

Promises too favorable conditions. Many companies have tariffs that offer newcomers a low threshold for entering the financial market. But it is an entirely different matter when a broker promises ultra-high profits in a short time. This is a sign of the activities of scammers.

So how should it be? On the website of conscientious companies, tariff plans are explicitly described and in detail: types of tariff plans, types of investments, cost of packages, which are included in the list of services for each of them.

Hides documents. The legislation obliges all brokers to provide all records about their services to the user. If there are no documents on the broker's activities on the company's website, this is already a violation. If the company refuses to do this even at the client’s request, this is already a reason for refusing to cooperate.

So how should it be? Documents should be on the company's website; everyone should be able to familiarize themselves with them.

No trading platform. If there is no terminal for trading, such a company should not be considered worthy of cooperation. If a company rents a trading terminal, these are additional risks and costs for the trader.

So how should it be? The platform has a simple design; even a beginner can figure it out. For example, MSP Limited has different types of the terminal for the convenience of the trader.


Signs of a dishonest company can be identified even at the stage of an acquaintance of the client with the company's website. If you cannot find complete information about the broker or the company that has existed recently, this is why you cannot cooperate with such a broker. This is already a scam if the broker does not have a terminal or is registered somewhere on the islands. MSP Limited scam protection team advises you to study the intermediary’s website so as not to regret your decision in the future.

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user_avatarWilcox Norman 04.04.2022

they say that - scam. but this is the best broker I've ever had... fast withdrawal of funds, fast execution and reliability

user_avatarLawrence Solomon 06.04.2022

In Msp limited I have been trading somewhere from the end of 15 years, then I started only with trade. Then he began to expand the list of traded tools and eventually switched to copying a little less than completely. Copying is the darkest topic, since you do not need to bother with your strategy much, but use the knowledge of more experienced guys. It turns out to be raised normally on this, a couple of hundred bucks per month go to pocket

user_avatarGarrett Justin 06.04.2022

Not long ago opened an account in Msp limited, satisfied. I am making intraudia transactions. It works clearly. They do not do snot. Nitsche does not marquit. Of course, I not yet deduced, but I always check it right as it turns out the first profit. They took it out without question. I will not start anymore yet, first the depot, and then take it off. Maybe then tell me again, the impression. And from the costs, the commission for the conclusion (not everyone has it). But on the other hand, they told me that it is realistic to earn and bring me out, and this is more important for me than a penny for the conclusion to pay))))

user_avatarNorman Richard 12.04.2022

Fifty percent of profit - such a result of income by Msp limited I have over the past year. There are already thirty -five percent for this now. I plan that by the end of the year I will catch up with up to 60 percent of the profit, I got to choose how to choose traders. I plan to continue to copy normal guys here, this is how I have earnings

user_avatarGeorge Brown 10.05.2022

Had some nice time with this broker last spring, my profitability has risen to about 19%. Haven't seen such good numbers in a while, a good reason to stick with a broker for longer.

user_avatarPaul Watson 20.05.2022

To me, this company's best feature is their cooperation terms. Well, at least they were the reason why I had initially joined. For now everything looks great and I'm planning a prolonged cooperation.

user_avatarThomas Jackson 28.05.2022

Msp limiteds is fine if you're not too picky. They can do a good job for you unless you expect too much.

user_avatarLeonard Christensen 03.06.2022

There are no complaints about the opening. It is extremely rare to fail. Technical support works at 5+

user_avatarRafael Lee 06.06.2022

I have been working with the opening of a broker since 2007, there are no complaints. Of course, there were different technical nuances, but everything within the framework of a reasonable, by extreme, is trying to solve problems.

user_avatarRobert Moore 29.06.2022

Very convenient online cabinet, plus online quick quite detailed

user_avatarPeter Johnson 11.07.2022

Due to the pandemic, they reduced the working day, respectively cut off the salary. And everything around is getting more expensive. I had to look for an additional source of income. Almost immediately I came across this exchange. In the beginning, everything was not clear, difficult. Thanks to the technical support, they answered all my questions quickly and turned out. Now I began to earn money, and very good.

user_avatarHerbert Turner 18.07.2022

I opened a standard forex account here because my trade style is simple, and I also needed a broker with the lowest trade costs.

user_avatarBilly Johnson 23.07.2022

I want to say thanks to my manager. He is a blond well done. Patient and calm, helps me.

user_avatarRichard Rice 04.08.2022

I appreciate this broker because it was here that I managed to trade hybridly. That is, I myself trading for the mid -transaction, I hold the transaction, but from the analytical portal I work in a short signal.

user_avatarJames Green 14.08.2022

I will speak in support of this broker. I switched to him six months ago. Much more comfortable in terms of conditions than with the past. Great thing if you sell securities.

user_avatarJohn Vargas 17.08.2022

He began to earn from Msp limited when he subscribed to one of the strategies that they offer. So it began to work out, because he himself does not really understand in trading. But now, although there are additional commissions, I am always in a plus. There were no drawdowns over the past six months.

user_avatarClarke Rudolph 27.09.2022

I would like to see more professional analytics on the site for ordinary readers.

user_avatarTucker Juniper 27.09.2022

For a year and a half I have been trading on Msp limited trader-everything is absolutely satisfied, I don’t even understand why some negative reviews arise. Maybe, of course, the consultant was lucky, but there were never delay with the withdrawal of funds.

user_avatarRichards Franklin 29.09.2022

In Msp limited, newcomers provide help with such that it is even a shame to trade without profit. At one time, we did not have this. And here is an auto trace, and recommendations, and an automatic selection of the desired strategy.

user_avatarDavid Pearson 07.10.2022

He translated his assets from Sberbank, as he fell under the sanctions. They did everything quite quickly, for 3 months the preferential trading conditions were provided. I signed up to their channel, so it is much more convenient to monitor economically important news.

user_avatarAndrew Gonzalez 15.10.2022

I advise a real broker that provides the most favorable conditions for cooperation!

user_avatarBobby Hart 26.10.2022

Good tariffs, I am generally perfect with my turnover. Profit practically does not suffer from commissions, since they are not felt with the right choice of tariff. Great analytics, now generally helps out.