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Team trading - how to assemble your team and make a profit?

26 / March / 20 Bunsi Shakiramal Visitors: 250 Rating: ★★★★★

A lone trader not only misses, he can also experience objective difficulties because of his loneliness. After all, it is known that a private trader has to combine several positions, which can not always be a simple matter. He is his own analyst and risk manager and trader. And they can not always get along peacefully and not conflict in the already exhausted character of a poor trader.

And in theory, a good solution may be trading not alone, but as a team. In investment companies, all these issues can be regulated by whom, what to do and what to answer for. And how will private traders get together, share responsibilities so that there are no disagreements here? To do this, they need a sound approach to trade and its prospects. Otherwise, one will wish to disperse the total capital as soon as possible, and he will have the exact entrance to the market. They will also seem to another, but, as usual, in the other direction. The third one will also think up something, including from the principle that a word should be added with its originality.

Observers can always read those who publish analytics and notice how little unity there is in opinions and in those forecasts. Some draw pictures that speak of a definite price increase. Others draw something from the side of an equally categorical, but foreshadowing fall. It is understandable, it is not in vain that there are so many very different ways of market analysis.

A rare and doubtful case when several ambitious people can coexist in a team, each of whom wants the last word to be his. Still, you need to understand that private trading is an individual lesson. There is no need to get together in some kind of team, but to discuss something, and now it is always possible on the Internet. There are many different communities in social networks and instant messengers. And at the same time, everyone still makes decisions for his trading account.

If a trader wants to trade with high risks, then no team will stop him from doing this. If, first of all, he believes in his system, then he also does not give a damn about those who do not like it and who do not agree.

And so it should be.

If I assembled a team, I would need people who would perform each of their functions - narrow-profile specialists.

- Definitely need a leader who will assemble this whole team, an ideological inspirer who knows how to set goals and control the implementation of all tasks.

- The second most important person for me would be a risk manager. You can earn a lot, but how much the team can lose - this figure should be controlled.

- Of course you need an analyst.

- And without them, nowhere are real traders. It is also desirable that these be completely different traders. Medium-term, intraday traders, possibly scalpers, as well as those who know how to collect entire portfolios. Trading currencies, stocks and more. The more versatile a team is, the easier it is to diversify funds. As they say, do not put all your eggs in one basket!

If such a team is assembled, and it shows a good result for a certain period of time, then you can look for investors. I think that this is the main goal when creating a team!

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