Forex is a world currency exchange with a huge daily turnover, and from year to year, this turnover is growing. Since Forex became available to a private investor and almost anyone got the opportunity to profit at exchange rates, it has become a tempting source of income. Private access to the market is gained through companies specializing in it.

An example of this type of organization is StockGlobal  broker scam, a broker which is an intermediary between a trader and the following links of chain in the global financial system.


The mechanics of trading with StockGlobal at Forex


The trader opens an account with Stock Global broker, placing there a certain starting amount of money, a deposit. Then he or she downloads and installs MetaTrader4 trading platform, which communicates with the broker's server on his/her computer. Thus, he receives data on exchange rates and sends information about the transactions. Based on information about the market dynamics obtained through Stock Global broker scam and from other sources, the trader tries to predict (and sometimes just guess) currency price fluctuations in order to buy assets cheaper and resell more expensively. And the most important details that he should competently evaluate before sending orders for the execution to StockGlobal broker scam are the market reactions on what is happening at the auctions and in the world. Next, the trader forms the appropriate orders and sends them with just one click. Successful orders increase his deposit, unprofitable reduce it. The total result of all orders determines the income or loss received by the trader.


The Forex Truth, Myths, and StockGlobal Broker


On the web, you can find many different reviews telling that brokers are indifferent to the profits of their clients, that one could quickly get rich, but the greedy brokers interfere. From this, one could conclude that StockGlobal is a scam, same as all these hucksters. However, life proves that most often the facts differ from someone's sharply negative opinions.


In fact, it is impossible to deny that: 

·        It is technically impossible to enter Forex market without having huge capital or without a broker;

·         Brokers have their own competition and the best way to ruin a competitor is to spread information like StockGlobal are scammers through reviews;

·         Writing off your failures to someone is simple; you need to learn how to trade successfully in the financial market, and this is much more difficult than spreading reviews discrediting broker;

·         While a person is gaining experience in any field, mistakes are inevitable, and trading on the exchanges does not forgive them, bringing losses and negative feelings. Even experienced traders and large commercial structures have losses, but this is not caused by some broker, or financial institute, or any other company. So that’s the point why StockGlobal broker is not a scam even if some traders lose their money during trading.


The statement that any broker is cheating on its customers is just as unproven as the previous one, same as the statement that StockGlobal scam its clients and it’s profitable for company when its client loses. If the trader repeatedly loses his deposit, then eventually this process will demotivate him completely and the broker will lose the client. Moreover, it is even more erroneous to assume that any loss of a trader is nothing more than a specially planned scam of a StockGlobal broker. The broker receives his commission from each successful trading transaction. And, as they say, you do not kill the chicken that lays golden eggs. Therefore, for example, the statement that StockGlobal  broker scam, same as the theory that almost all brokers play against their clients, is at least illogical. And after all you need to just check StockGlobal broker reviews and see what others have to tell about this broker

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Two possible approaches to successful currency trading


There are two ways to conduct currency trading and two approaches to effective deals.


Approach based on currency market unpredictability

It comes from the statement that the fluctuations of quotations during an hour can be guessed, but cannot be predicted more or less accurately.

Within this approach, the trader’s backing is technical analysis, intuition and experience.


An approach that assumes that exchange rates reflect the balance of power in the global economic arena

It is assumed that the demand for a specific national currency depends on the economic and political situation, the situation on the securities exchange, world prices for gold, oil, etc.

It is possible to predict changes in exchange rates with sufficient accuracy by analyzing a variety of financial, economic, political and other factors.

The first approach to trading turns it into a kind of financial game. It goes well with trading on short-term charts, where the trader’s good fortune is crucial. This approach can be used when working with Stock Global at Forex, especially at first. So,StockGlobal  broker scam?

When applied, technical analysis is a method of approximate forecasting of price movements based on their past behavior (viewing charts, price changes over the last hours, days or weeks).

It is based on two Forex "whales":

1.                 The trend (the current and ongoing process) will last rather than stop; that is, it has some inertia that can be used;

2.                 The trend will end eventually and, quite possibly, will reverse (growth will stop, a drop can change it, etc.).

The basis of the second approach is the fundamental analysis (the method of calculating and analyzing some financial and economic indicators and ratios), which pays great attention to the quotes of some securities (futures, stocks, etc.) on stock exchanges. It can also be used while working with Stock Global Forex, but for successful use, you need experience and knowledge to engage in serious analytics. Fundamental analysis is used for long-term forecasts (trading on weekly and monthly charts).