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Sony unveils 2021 TV lineup

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Sony unveils 2021 TV lineup - no Mini-LED, but HDMI 2.1, 120Hz, Dolby Vision and Google TV

Sony 2021 TV

Following LG and Samsung, Sony presented its new TVs - like other manufacturers, prices and an exact release date have not yet been published, only the main characteristics have been published.

The 2021 flagship and mid-range Sony Bravia models use either OLED panels or "regular" LCD panels with direct backlighting with standard-size LEDs (not Mini-LEDs). All announced TVs have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, an automatic low latency ALLM, VRR mode, support the Dolby Vision HDR standard and are equipped with HDMI 2.1 connectors, that is, they are fully compatible with all the declared capabilities of the next generation consoles and gaming video cards of 2020.

All Sony 2021 TVs run on Google TV, a new version of Android TV with improved functionality and a redesigned interface. Sony also claims that the updated smart processor for image and sound processing far exceeds the capabilities of all similar solutions on the market. The system does not analyze color, clarity and contrast data separately, but simultaneously, which allows the machine to perceive the image "in much the same way as a human does," and improve it more accurately. Also, TVs are able to adjust color temperature and white balance to the environment (something like True Tone in Apple devices), but this option, like all others, can be turned off.

The premium OLED A90J Master Series is equipped with an aluminum heat dissipation plate, which has significantly increased the brightness of the matrix compared to last year's models.

A distinctive feature of the Z9J Master Series 8K models is a special anti-reflective coating.

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