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Question: How do brokers usually attract people to Forex?

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Question: How do brokers usually attract people to Forex?

We learned about forex quite recently, some 10-15 years ago. And now quite a lot of people come to try their hand at trading.

Let's talk about how Dealing centers and brokers attract new customers:

1. For a start - the first acquaintance. You can learn about Forex itself from various types of advertising: banners on the streets, ads and articles in the media, in announcements and links to various sites on the Internet, and, finally, from other traders.

2. Providing a demo account for the initial acquaintance with trading. This is very convenient on the one hand, as the trader learns to analyze the market, use the terminal, open and close transactions.

On the other hand, show a trader who could not trade on a demo account. Already there it turns out for everyone. The reason here lies in psychology. After all, trading on a demo account is not for real money. And you can sit in the drawdown and close the stop loss without regret. But only now, unfortunately, trading on a demo account and trading on a real account are very different from each other. But only a beginner knows nothing about this.

3. Bonuses. They can be quite significant. 50%, 100% and even 250% of the replenishment. It sounds very attractive. You put $ 100, and you’re credited with $ 250. Well, isn't that great? Only now, before taking profits, these bonuses need to be worked out.

4. Participation in the forums and writing posts for bonuses and for real money. Here, I would like to say separately about our ForexMoney forum and about InstaForex company. In my opinion, there are simply wonderful conditions created for training and for earning. Bonuses received for writing posts do not need to be worked out. Trade, make a profit, and all of it is yours. You cannot withdraw only the amount of bonuses.

In addition, the Forum provides an opportunity to participate in the horizons, where members of the forum receive withdrawn funds. And most importantly, you can participate in the ForexPedia and LifePedia contests, where articles are written on various topics. Forum users receive a reward in the form of withdrawn funds, depending on the place they occupied.

5. Various contests on trading and demo accounts. Winners receive bonuses for which they subsequently trade.

6. Providing various affiliate programs.


But in addition to brokers and dealing centers, traders themselves can also attract customers.

These can be referrals who are interested in trading, or those who are ready to provide their funds in trust. How to attract? Show how it works. Invite to the forum. Learn to use the terminal. In a word, look above.

You can do this through various social networks, through your own site, through personal acquaintance. However, you must always be honest. This also applies to brokerage companies and private traders. Forex trading entails increased risks. One must be prepared for this, therefore one should be careful.

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