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Credem, green culture in wealth management is growing

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Credem Group continues to integrate sustainability criteria into investment processes and corporate governance in wealth management
In particular, wealth management companies (Euromobiliare Advisory SIM, Euromobiliare SGR and Credemvita) signed the Responsible Investment Principles (PRI – Responsible Investment Principle) introduced by the United Nations in 2006 and 2012 respectively to integrate ESG sustainability principles.

The initiative is part of a broader journey launched by the Emilian Banking Group in December 2019, which, among its main goals, includes consolidating the corporate culture of sustainability, integrating ESG criteria into the investment process, and developing transparent communication models with stakeholders and the financial community.
Within Credem's parent company, a "Wealth Management Sustainability Committee" has also been established to strengthen and harmonize sustainability oversight among companies that invest in the Group (Euromobiliare Advisory SIM, Euromobiliare AM SGR, Credemvita, Credem Private Equity SGR and Euromobiliare Fiduciaria), according to her areas of expertise.

Credem: sustainable assets in wealth management

At the end of December 2021, sustainable assets managed by Credem Group Wealth Management Zone companies subject to Articles 8 and 9 of the European Sustainable Investment Directive (SFDR) amounted to approximately EUR 4.2 billion, with a 167.5% percentage increase compared to the end of 2020. Of these, €500 million is asset management delegated to Euromobiliare Advisory Sim, €2.09 billion of Euromobiliare AM Sgr funds and €1.6 billion of Credemvita insurance solutions and external ESG funds included in the company's insurance solutions.
“The signing of PRI Euromobiliare Advisory SIM, Euromobiliare AM and Credemvita is a concrete act that confirms our serious and transparent commitment to sustainability for the well-being of our customers and future generations.

We have also created our Sustainability Committee, through which we will be able to bring together the initiatives, rules and training of people in the Welfare Zone in order to maintain ourselves in accordance with the best international practices in the field of SRI and ESG,” commented Paolo Magnani, Central Director and Coordinator Department of Capital Management Credem Group.


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