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Opportunities to achieve success in life - Forex can help?

24 / February / 20 Bunsi Shakiramal Visitors: 250 Rating: ★★★★★

The entire business of companies promoting forex services is built on promoting the possibility of achieving financial independence. Is this really such an opportunity? Let me express my personal opinion in this monologue. And am I right or wrong - let everyone decide for himself.

The West is a country of opportunity. From these lands the so-called “opportunities to achieve success in life” seep out for those who have nothing penniless. And forex business is the work of their financiers. Forex, along with network marketing, is such a type of activity from the category “Business for all, but not everything for this business”. You will be able to achieve everything yourself, even if you do not have capital - that’s the unspoken slogan of Forex houses. Such an opportunity as a magnet attracts people from all over the world. Advertising brokerage companies and replete with life from the glossy covers of luxury magazines. All this is the tip of the iceberg for professionals in their field. But it’s worth starting, first of all, not with this. Start with what is behind the reverse side of the coin. They don’t write about this in large quantities, except on the broker's websites, in small print - risk notifications.

And the reality is that 95% of people go bankrupt and go bankrupt for the first week, some can last several months. But the ending for everyone is the same and very deplorable - the time spent, the nerves spent, the capital spent and the painful imprint that will take a very, very long time. The most active and aggressive-minded people are beginning to attract media attention through the press, through television - instead of the golden mountains they have remained with nothing. Journalists only need such sensations. And such stories are numerous. Such people can be sincerely understood, but it is impossible to understand why they use very significant amounts for trading, and what’s even worse is that they use amounts that can lead to big problems in their lives. In fact, the problem is so large that it came to a discussion, where the regime for introducing a qualified investor was discussed, in order to protect individuals from high-risk investments. That is, they create certain conditions (education, sufficient capital, work experience, etc.) and if a person passes by all the criteria, then allow access to financial markets. Now, unfortunately, or fortunately, we do not know, because this is a rhetorical topic, any adult citizen has access to markets and can trade with a couple of tens of dollars.

And here is another truth. The bulk does not have the proper education. These are people who come, as the announcement says, and their only goal is to earn as quickly as possible and as much as possible. After completing weekly courses with brokers, he immediately breaks into battle. This category is enticed by the massive advertising campaign of easy money, it is so fixated on speedy enrichment that it does not even understand where it got and what is happening around. And if he is trying to understand, then the priority is still on the earliest possible increase in his deposit. Hence such results. Unfortunately, the bulk of the people, consciously or unconsciously, wants to get everything at once, without putting the proper effort. But as the practice of successful trading shows, this is, first and foremost, a titanic work - the work of self-knowledge and understanding of exchange mechanisms. Trading is, above all, a profession, a vocation.

So this may be an opportunity, but not for everyone.

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