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How to protect your Gmail Email. Scam detection team shares their experience

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What is Phishing? InvestingViews scam check tips.

This is a very popular method of hacking not only your Google mail, but your other accounts as well. You don't need to be an experienced programmer to create a phishing page - that's why this method is available.

Phishing works in a simple way. Its purpose is to get a username and password from your mail.

Gmail hacks have been a frequent occurrence lately. Those whose accounts have been hacked know that Gmail notifies users of hacked mail or someone else's attempts to access mail from an unknown computer. Google then gives instructions on how to change your password to make email access secure again.

But even users who set a new password may soon find that the account has been hacked again. The fact is that once hacked into mail, hackers can take several measures that will allow them in the future to read emails or log into an account without even knowing a new password. Therefore, as told by experts of scam can be avoided, just do the following checks.

Go to filters. The easiest way to read letters after changing the password is to set up mail forwarding, then all new letters will be copied to the attacker. scam detection experts advise: go to your Gmail settings under the Forwarding & POP / IMAP tab to ensure that mail forwarding is disabled. Next, check the "Filters" item, and if there are filtering rules that include forwarding to an unknown address, they should be removed.

Check Password Recovery Settings. Due to analytics of InvestingViews scam use changing the forgotten password recovery method is the easiest way for a hacker to keep access to your Gmail account. Scam detection tip: You need to go to "Settings" - "Accounts and Imports" - Change Password Recovery Options - Email. There, make sure that there are no extraneous addresses in the list. It is also worth checking if the number for SMS with password and security questions has not changed. An experienced fraudster will not change the question itself, but will change or remember the answer so that he knows it for sure. For better protection, you can change the question and answer yourself.

One more Scam check: check your Google Calendar and Drive. Gmail is one of many business tools, and many other Google services also allow a hacker to break into your back door. If you are using Google Voice, make sure your autoresponder and text messages are not being forwarded to external addresses. Then check "Drive" (formerly "Docs") by Google - no document should be shared with outsiders. Then it's up to Google Calendar: in the settings of each of your calendars, click the Reinstall Private URLs link - this will create new web addresses for direct access to the organizer. Then click the Share This Calendar tab and check if the calendar is not available from third-party email addresses.

InvestingViews.netScamprevention team urges you to check for Dangerous Apps. Since Gmail is essentially a collection of applications, not just webmail, you need to make sure that the attacker hasn't added their spy app. Due to the large number of different applications (for the Internet, computer and smart phone) these days, few people think twice before clicking the Share button in the next dialog box. As a result, third-party applications may end up on the list of trusted ones that have the right to read data from your account. Therefore, check the complete list of trusted applications in your account ("Account Settings" - "Security" - "Authorize Applications and Sites") and be sure to find out what rights are given to each application. If you think that one of the applications wants to get too much from your account, you may have to uninstall it and stop using it.

Also as insisted by security team of InvestingViews Scam can be prevented if you enable additional Authentication. Another good defense against many hacking methods is to enable additional code verification when logging in from an unfamiliar computer. In addition to the username and password, Google will ask for a code, which can be obtained either via the mobile app on your smart phone or via SMS. It will not protect against data leakage through shared documents, translations, and authorized applications, but you will not be afraid of brute force attempts and key loggers.

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user_avatarBarnett Grant 01.08.2021

InvestingViews are just awesome, I especially love their customer service. Looking forward to make even more money with them

user_avatarPorter Charles 09.08.2021

Got some experience with InvestingViews, mostly pleased but there are some issues I’d like them to address in the nearest future. Yeah, customer service, I’m looking at you

user_avatarHenry Rolf 10.08.2021

One thing can be said on account of InvestingViews – they surely can advertise themselves. After reading some info on them I think I will give them a try

user_avatarDavidson Blaise 13.08.2021

I’m a beginner trader, looking to get some experience in the forex field. Going to try InvestingViews, hope that they are as good as people say

user_avatarWells Philip 16.08.2021

Come on, guys, we all know that InvestingViews are the best. You just cannot match how awesome their workflow is

user_avatarBates Paul 22.08.2021

I was unpleasantly surprised when I discovered that InvestingViews only use MetaTrader 4. It doesn’t make them a bad broker, but it surely limits options available

user_avatarCunningham James 03.09.2021

My experience with this company is a bit limited - we have been working together for three weeks now. However, I can already tell you that you are really cool in most things. The biggest exception would be the choice of the platform. They only work with MetaTrader, and it could be a problem for some people.

user_avatarThomas George 11.09.2021

The best quality of this broker is how to make it look like an interesting game look. Before I met her, it was difficult for all the information you need to learn to enter the trade deeper. Everything has changed when we had to work together.

user_avatarSnow Abraham 16.09.2021

Thanks to the Broker specialists of investingviews, I was able to significantly increase my profits this month. These people are really good.

user_avatarWarren Oliver 20.09.2021

My first immersion in the commercial world was with people from investingviews, and I am grateful to them until today, that was a very pleasant experience.

user_avatarHood Curtis 22.09.2021

I still have doubts about entering the trading business, you have to check the broker list and select some with which I want to work with. investingviews maybe? Would be happy about you about every info. Only people who actually work with them, please.

user_avatarBurns Timothy 23.09.2021

In practice, there is absolutely no way to say with certainty whether your trading activity will be successful or not. Even the most competent brokers can not promise them, not with this market we currently have. You can not be responsible for investingviews.

user_avatarLittle George 05.10.2021

I find the income on the investingviews really well. But if I could get my money fast, it would be much better.

user_avatarMaxwell Joshua 05.10.2021

I have already contacted with the investingviews and can not say that I am satisfied. They have slowly, and not exploited, I had expected better reaction.

user_avatarRoss Ethan 11.10.2021

investingviews can not be for them if they are not experienced traders and have no knowledge of this business, but I, as a beginner, I certainly appreciate ease of use.

user_avatarPage Evelyn 12.10.2021

I simply do not just understand your negativity with respect to investingviews. They are decent, and cooperation with them can be a blessing for many newcomers, so do not worry.

user_avatarBooth Joseph 17.10.2021

investingviewsWar a real discovery for me when I came to Broker, for trading on the Forex market. Now, after a few months of work with you, just good impression.

user_avatarMarsh Thomas 23.10.2021

I have not worked with investingviews, but I think they are fine.

user_avatarLynch Andrew 02.11.2021

I thought this would be another green broker with little until no idea how to cross the trade world, but was pleasantly surprised. Her spreads are even better than I imagine at my first accession, which gives the trade estimates the urgently needed stability. Support is really great.

user_avatarLamb Donald 19.11.2021

Most aspects of this broker are only "okay", about 70% of them, but the others 30% are at such a high level that they create it to bring this company into the top 10 brokers that are currently on the Market are, that's safe.

user_avatarNeal Ethan 26.11.2021

I do not know why so many people hate this broker. Great starting conditions and a fantastic trading experience for me as a whole. Wonderfully lasts over the time you spend with you, which is more than I can say for many other brokers.

user_avatarTucker Roger 28.11.2021

A solid company with a little doubtful terminal selection, but working with you is really satisfactory. Unfortunately, I did not have much time with them, so my knowledge is limited, but in my view they look really great.

user_avatarTate Benedict 03.12.2021

Easy and quick withdrawal. I am very pleased with this brokerage service. I can rely on services. They are promptly engaged in commercial needs. Invest time and money with this broker is worth. I get a good trading profit.

user_avatarMorton Peter 06.12.2021

Impressive trading signals. I always get efficient trading instructions from brokers. I just joined this brokerage company last month. After a month, I see good things, deals are profitable, and the services are good.

user_avatarLynch David 19.12.2021

I will save this brokerage service. In the end, I got a decent profit. This broker meets all my commercial needs. I can definitely recommend novice. Excellent services. I had a great honor to have such a good broker.

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Easy and quick withdrawal. Excellent support. I am satisfied and satisfied with this brokerage company. I am pleased to recommend this trading broker. They are reliable, and the service is good.