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How to make laptop battery work longer: The Answer

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Battery life is an important parameter when choosing a laptop. And what does it depend on? In our article we will tell you what to look for when buying a new device, and how to help your home or work laptop work longer.

How to extend laptop life: a simple scenario

In short - reduce the power consumption of the processor, video card, screen and memory subsystem. And now in more detail.

The simplest method is to switch to charge saving mode, which can be done by the system itself.

Laptop Battery Indicator

Also include an additional power plan "Energy Saving". Together with the reduction in brightness, this will add 30-50% of the time to the usual usage scenario.

Then you can consistently disable idle functions: bluetooth, wi-fi - if wireless connections are not used, it is easier to turn on the mode "on the plane" so that the system correctly disables them, keyboard backlight, some background services, unnecessary programs, etc.

Disable discrete graphics and reduce the CPU supply voltage

To get the most out of your battery, you'll need to turn off the discrete graphics, if any, and reduce the CPU supply voltage if it allows it.

Discrete graphics

Some laptops have a separate, more powerful chip that is responsible for the graphics component.

Such video cards are useful when high power is required, without taking into account power consumption, for example, when working in graphics programs or games from the network.

When powered by a battery, they will operate at lower frequencies, giving significantly less performance, but consuming a lot of energy, which is not always profitable.

In this case, you can transfer the laptop to work only from the graphics built into the processor. Without the same power, it will benefit greatly from the energy efficiency we need.

To do this, simply register in the search bar of Windows "Task Manager", in the tab "Video Adapters" right-click on the discrete graphics and select "Disable device".

For the average user, this is the maximum that can be done without downloading additional software and without changing the hardware configuration.

Reduce CPU supply voltage

If you correctly reduce the supply voltage of the processor, not only will reduce the power consumption of the chip itself, but also reduce the temperature. This will allow you to run coolers less often than to save even more battery power.

We will show how to perform this operation on the example of the program Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, which is suitable for working with Intel processors, they are more common in laptops.

Important: Because this program allows you to control the voltages and currents inside your computer's "brain," it could theoretically harm it. Although it is extremely difficult to do this by following the steps below, you need to understand that you are doing so at your own risk.

So, the algorithm is very simple - in the "Core" tab you need to gradually reduce the value of "Core Voltage Offset" until the loss of system stability.

You can check the status of the system with a stress test in the Stress Test tab, running a test load after each change.

We recommend the first iteration to reduce by 0.100 V, and then reset by 0.010 V.

Helpful Hint: If the laptop passes the stress test at the conditional value of -1,350 V, but not at -1,400 V - stop at the pre-voltage.

After the above manipulations, the laptop will be able to run on battery up to twice as long as in a typical usage scenario, without losing performance during the usual unpretentious office tasks.

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