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How to implement automation without a programmer

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How to implement automation without a programmer?
Designers — a new approach to development.

Today, Low-code and No-code approaches are gaining popularity, involving the creation of IT solutions in a graphical editor with minimal programming or without it. Using such services, a manager without technical education can test hypotheses without involving a development department.

Visual designers are used to create sites, applications, chat bots, automated calling campaigns, etc. It is enough to move the blocks responsible for certain functions in the necessary order, and the new service is ready.

Thus, automation becomes available not only to large corporations, but also to small businesses in the absence of resources for the fundamental development of systems for automating internal operations and communication with customers.

Creating bots without programming

Let us dwell in more detail on visual designers for telephony. One of the important advantages of the No-code approach is the ability to work with solutions based on artificial intelligence that were previously not available to ordinary companies. So, using smart bots to communicate with users, a business can more effectively build a customer service.

At the same time, even a robot without a complex AI-filling facilitates the implementation of many mechanical tasks to sales managers and call center operators. He is able to advise clients, talk about new products and promotions of the company, collect statistics on service evaluation and much more.

So, a beauty salon can use automatic recording of procedures, as well as its confirmation by a client before visiting using chat bots or voice assistants. Shops or cafés using these services can notify customers about promotions and offer personalized discounts on their birthday if the robots are integrated with a CRM system from which customer information is pulled.

It is visual designers that allow the introduction of modern technology in business processes without significant costs and are in great demand due to their convenience and diversity.
Benefits of Visual Constructors.


IT startups and companies began to offer visual designers, since not everyone has programming skills and the ability to hire a development team.

Save time

Manually setting up an interactive voice menu or calling campaign is a complex process. In the editor, such a task can be done in a few hours or even minutes - depending on the complexity of the script.

Set of script templates

They allow you to illustrate how a fully assembled and ready-made solution will look like. Templates are also used to create typical scripts that do not require individual settings.

Independence from third-party developers

The designer allows you to edit scripts on the fly and not depend on technical experts.

Pricing policy

Visual designers suggest tariffs that are suitable for different sizes of companies, and their use is paid, as a rule, in a subscription format.

Integration options

Almost all designers provide extensive API integration with the necessary web services.

Regular updates

In the niche of designers there is intense competition, which motivates companies to work on unique updates to maintain demand for their product.

Comfort of use

Designers are good in that they are easy to learn and convenient to use. Most of them have an intuitive interface. Typically, an editor is a board on which blocks are added, moved, duplicated, thereby setting the necessary sequence of actions.

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