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How to find an idea for a business

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How to find an idea for a business. Properly identifying your capabilities
For many, the idea of starting your own business is truly exciting. There are so many different lines of business that you can create yourself, but what type of business is right for you?

At the beginning of this article, we will consider how to understand ourselves, because who you are will help you choose the most successful business. Then you will find out if your idea is a great opportunity or is it just an idea. We will also create a micro plan to test your ability and find out how to increase the chances of creating a winning business model.

If you have ever thought about starting your own business, or are ready to start it, then this article will be useful for you. However, this material does not apply to running an existing business. It is more about the beginning of the path, about finding a business idea and how to implement it.

Matching Business Ideas to Entrepreneurs
When people begin to search for business ideas, they revise a bunch of articles on the Internet, of which there are already hundreds of pieces. However, this is not an ideal approach. You cannot know that this business will be successful, because you are a man with your strengths and weaknesses. Your main goal is to find the business that will relate specifically to your strengths. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs have started their business in the direction in which they worked as employees.

Here we will not dwell on the topic of how to find our strengths so as not to overload the article with material that we have already described in detail under the title “How to Identify Your Strengths and Talents”.

If talents are who you are, then needs are what other people want. It's about the pain they feel. It is very important to remember and always focus on this. You will never convince people to use your idea if they do not feel the need for it, i.e. needs.

What do you miss every day? What is difficult to obtain or difficult to use? Answer the same questions if you have heard other people's complaints.
The third question is what other people ask you to do, give, or teach. Perhaps your friends know your graphic design skills and regularly ask you to do something for them?
The fourth question relates to unpleasant incidents with some business whose services you have refused. Sometimes it’s a good idea for a business to do something better than the company whose services you used.
The fifth question is the main one for you. It refers to those things that people regularly buy and you have a talent for it.
Do not spend a lot of time on your answers. You just need the first draft list of ideas that may be useful for your business.

Now we are going to come up with a list of business ideas for brainstorming. The most important rule in this process is not to edit anything. Now any idea is good for us. Before the assault, we advise you to read our excellent article on the search for innovative ideas "Fundamentals of business innovation. Search for your strategic product."

Here you will find the following form, which is designed for 20 of your ideas. Your goal is to get at least ten of them now. You just need to have an initial list that you can edit in the future.

Look at the previous needs form that you have already completed. What business ideas might be related to the needs you described? Or what kind of business already exists related to these needs? Remember, you do not need to come up with an original idea, an existing business may also be suitable for you. If you have already read our article and filled out a form with your talents, then take a look at it and ask yourself, what types of business are associated with the talents that I already have? Add any ideas that you have to our list.

The main thing is that you do not edit this list. Now all the ideas are good. You can also bring into it those ideas that you had before reading this material.

So, you have created a list of initial ideas for a business. Now what? You probably noticed that there are three columns in this list: logical, exciting, rating. You should get a list with five of the best ideas and here is what you need to do:

You should tick off any idea that just makes sense; it is logical for you. Previously, you simply threw all kinds of crazy ideas and did not edit anything because you were brainstorming.
As an entrepreneur, you should be delighted with what you are doing, so check the “exciting” column in front of those ideas that are interesting to you or are passionate about them.
If you are unsure of the logic of your idea or you have not yet decided whether it is interesting and exciting for you, then simply put a question mark. Now it’s important for you to discard those ideas that are not logical or interesting and concentrate on five of them that meet the two criteria as much as possible. It is these five ideas that we are going to evaluate and find out which ones are most likely to succeed.

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