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How to automate agribusiness

19 / April / 20 Bunsi Shakiramal Visitors: 297 Rating: ★★★★★

Precision farming tools help agro companies optimize their business, improve planning and logistics at times, minimize crop losses and even sell it at the best possible price.

Today, there are a fairly large number of specialized CMS, platforms, and other online tools, thanks to which you can see almost all the shortcomings in the business, use the potential of the fields most effectively, monitor, optimize logistics, plan crops, and keep management records.

Already, there are a number of specialized programs that will help the farmer in doing business and greatly simplify a number of routine tasks. Software for planning, accounting and analysis of agricultural enterprises can solve a number of important tasks:

Plan crops, taking into account crop rotation, maintain agrochemical passports of plots, compile technological maps and field history logs.
In automatic mode, calculate the needs of the farm in crops, fertilizers and plant protection products, while calculating the planned and actual cost.
Form analytical reports and manage the budget, and, based on the data received, make informed management decisions.
Conduct satellite monitoring of sites and analyze vegetation.
Plan and control daily work and generate reports on them.
Monitor the movement and performance of agricultural machinery, monitor the treated area and the operating time of each individual vehicle.
To systematize the photofixation of field notes.
Keep a record of fuel consumption, stock accounting, manage the wage fund.
Plan your purchases.
Monitor changes in weather conditions and their impact on the crop.
Drones and robots
Many modern agricultural enterprises are gradually switching to the use of drones, instead of the usual satellite technologies. With the help of small aircraft, you can monitor the condition of crops, monitor the fields, monitor the progress of work, take photos and video recordings. Unmanned aerial vehicles provide the most accurate information and allow agronomists to receive relevant data from the fields in real time.

The only drawback of this new automation technology is the need to obtain flight and survey permissions.

As for robotic technology, new proposals in the field of automation appear almost daily. Already exist:

sensors for machinery and special equipment;
robots capable of self-harvesting;
a technique that can automatically milk or feed livestock without manual labor.
It is advisable to use such technologies in large enterprises where it is more profitable to maintain personnel for controlling robotic mechanisms than to pay for the labor of an army of milkmaids and tractor drivers.

Business on smartphone screen
Now you can find out how much the price of sunflower differs in different ports of Ukraine and analyze the price dynamics in just a couple of seconds, just picking up the phone, moreover, using a regular smartphone it’s quite possible to partially automate the agribusiness and control all processes from anywhere in the world:

video calls will allow you to communicate with employees remotely and help them solve problems with equipment or plants.
GPS function - control the movement of equipment.
special applications - synchronize with suppliers.
chatbots - select the necessary goods (fertilizers, plant protection products, crops), place orders and even analyze purchase prices.

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