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How the Staff Bot chatbot helps

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How the Staff Bot chatbot helps find actors and enter into electronic contracts with them, and a little more interesting in the bot industry
In July 2018, at the Odessa Film Festival, producers were presented with a new Chat Bot Staff Bot, which runs on the Telegram platform.

Co-founder and project manager Natalya Radchenko told the editors of MC Today why chat bots are winning the hearts of users and how Staff Bot plans to conquer production.

PR material
Chatbots are a clear trend in 2018. After the scandal in 2016 with winding up votes using bots in the US presidential election, the popularity of bots only increased. Now every self-respecting company has them. There are many bots: Poncho gives the weather forecast, Ivi is a virtual girl with a good sense of humor, National Geographic Bot will send you the best photos from around the world.

Birth of Staff Bot - chatbot for actors and production
“The idea to create an ideal universal assistant that would be equally useful for both actors and production did not come immediately and not by chance. First, in the process of close cooperation with production studios, we found that a number of business processes can be automated, for example, formalizing relations with extras actors using electronic contracts, ” says Natalya.

“Later, when communicating with actors, casting managers, it came to an understanding that they all lacked such a digital assistant - Figaro, who will be able to maintain an up-to-date database of actors, organize casting calls, and enable casting managers to manage film projects.

And we thought that all these functions could be realized by a chat bot. And they were not mistaken, ” continues our interlocutor.

What are useful bots and Staff Bot
A bot is a universal routine killer. The program can free up a ton of time by solving standard user tasks. As the infrastructure of messengers develops, bots perform more and more diverse functions.

For example, now at Staff Bot there is a database in which both actors and casting managers can enter data about actors, add photos and videos.
For casting managers, personal accounts are provided where they can manage their projects, invite actors to castings in a few clicks and organize interactive online castings.

“However, the main thing that we, as lawyers, wanted to improve is the process of concluding contracts between actors and production studios,” emphasizes Natalya. - Personally, I am a fan of electronic document management. And I advocate that contracts be electronically translated everywhere. ” In the bot, the actor and production studio can enter into an electronic contract, binding on both parties.

Another important mission of Staff Bot is to enable the actor and casting manager to find each other directly, bypassing intermediaries and not losing money.

Difficulties are inevitable but surmountable
“The birth of Staff Bot was neither difficult nor expensive. Much more time was spent on achieving the proper level of convenience when using the product. One of the most important components is the legal model of organizing electronic documents that the bot creates, ” Natalya shares.

“We studied all the legislation in the field of electronic document management, and, using deep experience in the field of taxation, we built a system of documents that should accompany the work of the bot,” says Natalya.

The team did not participate in accelerators. In the process of working at Staff Bot, there was a continuous exchange of expertise with production studios and individual directors and producers.

“We tried to hear everyone. A separate respect for lawyers and developers. The guys really did their best 100%, because the idea that is embodied in the product - to create a universal personal assistant and establish a connection between the actor and the casting manager without intermediaries - is very inspiring for our team. ”

Bots are a business
“The creation of bots is the same business process as the production of bricks,” Natalya says. This is a full-fledged business: the search for qualified personnel, the development of a sales plan, a financial and marketing plan. Particularly acute is the speed of change in the bot industry. Each next innovation can completely level the value of the previous one.

Staff Bot now works for actors in a free mode. Starting New Year, Staff Bot will offer actors two options for interaction: for $ 5, an actor can enter his data into the bot database to receive fresh invitations to castings, or for the same $ 5, but with a monthly payment, he will get access to his personal account and additional services , for example, will be able to take part in interactive online casting.

For the casting manager, a monthly subscription is provided for working in a personal account, the ability to find actors and enter into agreements with them electronically.

Prospects for the bot industry for production
To date, Staff Bot has signed an agreement with the largest Canadian-Ukrainian production studio Radioactive Film, the team is in talks with a dozen more studios, as well as with television channels.

“The greatest achievement of any service is when they tell you that it is really useful. It inspires more than any rewards. But vanity, of course, is not alien to us, so from next year we plan to take part in forums and start-up battles throughout Ukraine and abroad, ” Natalya shares.

Staff Bot works primarily for the Ukrainian market and plans to enter the markets of the near abroad. However, its main goal is Bollywood, where more than 1000 films are made per year.

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