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Forex Shift-Holdings Broker. Shift-Holdings Review and Analysis - Scam or Not?

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General Information
Broker Name: Shift-Holdings
Broker Type: Forex
Location: European Union
Work since: 2019
Broker status: Active
Phone: +441278572009
Languages: English, German, Polish, Russian
Availability: 24/5
Trading platforms: MT4
Demo Trading Account: YES
Metatrader4 Mobile: YES
Metatrader4 Web: YES
Min deposit: $250
Max leverage: 1:400
Spread: YES (from 0.1 pips)
Scalping allowed: YES


Today we are going to review and provide an in-depth analysis of Shift-Holdings broker profile. The broker has appeared on the market quite recently and the company is already gaining quite a reputation in the industry. It is a very impressive start for the broking company registered just in 2019 and making just first steps, however, their activity received a lot of praise from the traders and investors.

We are going to focus on the pros and cons of this broker, provide a detailed examination of their structures and regulations, review their technical options, account plans and dig into their customer service options and cost efficiency. As usual, we do have a certain level of standard procedures, our research is independent, and we do not base it solely on other broker’s experience. Rather not, we do believe that a detailed evaluation of available data and documents applying standards and reviewing regulations procedures followed by the broker will benefit every broker review, making it less biased and more accurate.

Shift-Holdings Reviews
Let’s briefly overview the Shift-Holdings as an organizational structure. As we already mentioned the broker organization was founded just recently in 2019. It is hosted in the European Union. They are using the most popular MT4 trading platform, which is considered to be the most reliable and secure among forex brokers and traders. The broker has been actively providing their services to traders and investors all over the world and what is really notable that are generally very positive feedback on their performance.

They are fast and reliable, providing great customer support, establishing new connections, and building trustworthy and safe relationships with returning customers. Their steady performance and activities are definitely something to pay attention to as this is what gives the prospect a long-lasting relationship with a new broker. The present-day situation in the market requires a lot of research in general to avoid sloppy and unprofessional brokers. Shift-Holdings broker though has an impeccable reputation doing a stellar job for their clients.

Let’s examine their day-to-day activities as well as advantages you can gain on and disadvantages you should be cautious about.

As a matter of fact, before making any investment it would be absolutely mandatory to make a deep analysis of their past and current activities. We are looking into answering the following questions. How trustworthy this company is to invest your money into it? Are the broker’s prices accurate? Let's explore and answer these questions together in this Shift-Holdings broker review and find out if this is the organization you are looking for or not.






The first and most noticeable thing about Shift-Holdings is that it’s an absolutely new forex broker in the industry. Many of you would argue and say that this might not be a good thing, we however think that this is a really great opportunity for traders. Even if company is just starting in the industry it has already recommended itself among a lot of traders - especially providing good trading conditions. The present-day situation in the industry raises a lot of concerns among investors and traders. It is really hard, we would even say close to impossible to find a trustworthy and reliable broker to partner with. There are almost no brokers with a clean slate record, everyone has been involved in some suspicious activities or even financial fraud and scam. broker states as their motto to encourage and support the trading activities of their clients and provide their service in the best possible way. Actually, thanks to their service and availability the broker started to gain their credibility and built such a good profile for the newcomer. Despite the fact that they are often not being taken seriously as they don’t have years and years of recorded activities, review shows that they are absolutely committed to becoming a great partner now and in the future. Their present-day activities as well as past year record shows that they are determined, consistent and safe partners and that definitely wins for the security.

Shift-Holding Review

They do use the most popular trading platform MT4 (stands for MetaTrader 4) and this is a huge advantage, especially for the relatively new broker who is just establishing their relationships with traders. Their 24/5 customer service is really reliable, and they provide help and support not just in English but in two other languages which really makes it easy. They are building a solid and reliable reputation in the industry, providing a safe and secure environment for new and experienced traders and investors.



Security and Safety

The current location of the broker is in the European Union. We don't see anything suspicious in particular in terms of location as it's pretty common among the brokers to use Europe to headquarter their organizations.

As we mentioned before the vast majority of brokers nowadays have been involved in some sort of suspicious activities, which raises concerns in regards to their reliability, credibility, and trust in general. You cannot build a successful and trustworthy relationship with a broker who has been involved in some fraudulent activities. We have conducted a very detailed investigation of Shift-Holdings broker activities in the past. Even though it is a new broker and many of their regulation papers are not yet available we are confident that they have a clean record compared to the others.

We are positive that Shift-Holdings forex broker was not involved in some suspicious fraudulent activities. Actually, their current performance on the market proves a lot that they are willing to build a credible reputation and that says a lot.

As we were conducting our research our team did not find any significant flaws or errors in regular and trading activities. Yes, it is a new organization but their financial and funding activities are in order. They never experienced any difficulties or issues over there. They follow all the mandatory regulations and protocols. Their policies and organizational structures are very clear and well organized.

There is however a room for improvement as always for the newly established broker. They don't have that many long-lasting relationships, however, their activities in the market are consistent and they are gaining popularity. We still believe they can improve, and we discuss the advantages and disadvantages a little bit later.
But as we are trying to be fair, we sincerely recommend you conduct your own research and make your own investigation of the broker activities before making any serious moves or investments.




Pros & Cons

Pros ✔

  • · MetaTrader4 as a trading platform
  • · Offering their clients more than 145 financial instruments
  • · Spread and trading costs are very efficient and below average market rate

Cons ✘

  • · Access to only one trading platform
  • · Customer service does not have Live Chat support




Market platform Utilization

In Pros and Cons we mentioned that Shift-Holdings broker is offering their clients only the trading platform as a software solution. It may not seem enough for the very well experienced traders. But we do believe that quality over quantity is the best solution-oriented practice, especially when it comes to newcomers and this is what Shift-Holdings forex broker is.

The broker may not offer a wide variety of trading platforms, they did not follow rather adventurous pre-owned and not very well tested platforms. They came with a platform that is very safe very reliable, widely known, and probably is the most popular among the traders. Why it is so good? It has a very easy intuitive interface that will allow inexperienced traders to feel safe and comfortable while they are making their first steps in the market trading activities. It is a very safe choice and a very good way to attract experienced traders as well, since most of them already know the platform they can easily adapt and adjust it according to their own needs.

The good thing about MT4 is that you can literally run it on any device. You don’t have a laptop? Fine, you can easily get access to it via phone (both Android and iOS are supposed, and it runs pretty smoothly on quite old devices). MT4 offers a great variety of financial instruments to trade. In case you need some expert advice that’s also available as no costs as well as payable. There are multiple pre-installed indicators and third-party indicators are also available in case you want more variety. Since the system is very easily adjustable you can create a custom shell that fits your needs and requirements

The Shift-Holdings MT4 is available from any web-based service. In case you urgently need to check something, you can do it anywhere. It will still guarantee you smooth, nice, and easy access to your operations in the market.




Financial Instruments

One of the most challenging parts of a brand-new broker such as Shift-Holdings is to provide their trader with a wide variety of financial instruments. It’s a real struggle and not every broker can successfully overcome the challenge. Shift-Holdings review showed us how seriously they take their job and how determined they are to build and raise their credibility. They offer their clients more than 140 different financial instruments. We obviously won’t list all of them. But would like to provide a short review where you can clearly see that the choice is solid and good not just for the beginning traders but for the experienced ones as well.

  • Currencies: There are more than 50 currency pairs available. EUR/USD is the most common pair but you can easily find minor currencies accessible in this broker’s kit and play around with pairs like CAD/JPY, CNY/RUR and many others.
  • Commodities: Probably one of the widely used financial instruments: crude oil, natural gas, or even coal. Use whatever you feel like.
  • Precious Metals: also one of the most popular ones. Here represented by Gold and Silver as the two most common utilities.
  • Shares: One would not dare to call himself a broker if they don’t offer shares as a trading tool. Google, Yahoo, Apple, and other top-tier companies are here in Shift-Holdings capacity and you can always choose what is available at your disposal.




Cost Efficiency does not charge commissions for their services. That is a very rare thing in the industry, but we do believe that is very fair. Aside from the demo plan, they offer 4 different live account plans. We honestly recommend checking out the demo first to play around and actually see if it fits you well. 4 plans mainly differ by investment options and these are quite affordable in case you just wanna try with something little. You have to invest in crazy money to start trading activities. There are no limits to positions and in fact, the only major difference is how far the spreads can go. The accounts hold the names of 4 precious metals (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) are escalated respectively.

Shift-Holdings Broker Account

Winning the trust of their clients Shift-Holdings broker  is offering very cost-efficient account plans and the prices that are below the average in the industry.



Customer Support

We do believe that there is an area to improve in providing customer service and support. review now offers 4 languages and Phone and Email support which is classical. We do think that messenger chat (WhatsApp, Viber) is something that is very necessary in the developing environment so the traders from all over the world can easily get the help they needed at the right time and not necessarily spend hours on hold waiting for the phone to be picked up. We tested the support line ourselves and honestly it was not that long to wait and the assistance was very professional and efficient. We are looking forward to engaging with chat support agents as soon as they appear. Their phone number is an email is to reach out. They do provide 24/5 helpdesk support covering all the time zones.





We do believe that Shift-Holdings is a credible and promising forex broker on the market. Looking at their activities, determination, and passion to do a job well done we can strongly recommend them as the one worth giving a try.

As always, we still recommend you to conduct your own research and be cautious before investing any real money and check the records.

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