How to choose an honest and reliable Forex broker, reviews?

     With the development of information technology, trade in various financial markets, such as currency, commodity, and stock, is becoming increasingly popular. Despite the fact that Forex "came" to us much later, compared to other countries of the world, today many already know about the advantages of Internet trading, which is described in the reviews:

  • income from trading in the foreign exchange market can be many times more than the percentage of the bank deposit, although the reviews are safer;
  • exceeds the return on investment in real estate or small business;
  • mobility and accessibility will allow trading anywhere in the world, but the risks are related to what we see from the reviews.

     With the popularization of online trading, the reviews clarify this, there were issues of choosing a reliable forex broker who would not only provide quality service, but also guarantee the return of the money earned by the trader, which is the main problem with reviews. To date, the activity of forex broker is poorly controlled due to the lack of a regulatory framework and regulation by the states, reviews is all described. As a result, broker can change quotes voluntarily, change the history of trades, and not pay profit to customers complaining about in reviews.

     Trading conditions forex broker reviews, current rules

      These items include:


  • Selection of currency pairs and other instruments available for trading;
  • The size and type of commission of a forex broker - floating or fixed spread, or commission on turnover. If the broker spread is significantly lower than that of competitors, this is a warning indicator;
  • The broker sources for obtaining currency quotes should be known - whether he forms them himself or takes them from the interbank market, who supplies liquidity;
  • Be sure to take into account the probability of "slipping" when closing deals, and ways to solve this problem;
  • There must be a guarantee that market orders will be executed;
  • If you open a PAMM-account, the adjustment of open positions should be taken into account when depositing and withdrawing funds by investors;
  • The following conditions should also be provided: a convenient and accessible interface of the terminal, technical support at any time, connection to the broker's server, secure exchange of information data, the ability to work on a special demo account, reviews confirming this all.


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