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Financial independence. Easy to achieve? Or need to work?

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The fact that Forex definitely leads to addiction like a gambling. It is proved by personal experience. But the fact that Forex is the path to any Independence, for example financial, is a complex issue and requires reasoning and evidence.

Forex trading can NOT lead to financial independence.

Let us first consider this statement.

Can anyone refute it? I personally do not. Well, I have not yet met on my rather long trading path a person who would live well with Forex and only with him. Although, I myself at the moment, fully provide for my modest needs, spinning around forex circles, but first, and my needs are small, and secondly, income comes not so much from the trading itself as from the forex partner bonuses for posting and monetization of the forex blog.

Therefore, I can say on my own that I do not yet have arguments in favor of the fact that Forex leads to complete financial freedom. Although this does not mean at all that this is impossible.

Forex trading is the path to financial independence.

These slogans are usually full of advertisements for Forex brokers and DCs. And many believe that. Well, why not to believe, if that is so complicated? The price of currency pairs goes only in three directions: up, down and to the right. Choose a direction, make a bet, and voila! You are a slumdog millionaire!

However, not everything is so simple and rosy, comrades novice traders. First, they do not bet on Forex, but put up transactions. This is not a casino for you. Although, I admit, it looks similar from the side.

Second, trading is a job, not a hobby and entertainment. Well, that’s if you want, of course, to come to financial independence with its help. According to the first two points, it turns out that the trader is a specialty. And to get it, you need to do what? Right! To study.

You can learn to trade, both independently and in courses and webinars, which can be found in abundance both on-line and in real life. However, you should remember that the main teachers on Forex are their own experience and desire to realize themselves precisely in trading. Without this, it is impossible to achieve returns on the foreign exchange market.

Based on all of the above, it is logical to assume that Forex, of course, can become a road to a prosperous life for someone. But, of course, not for everyone, but for very few.

Everyone knows that, according to statistics (it is not known who collected information), only 5% of the total number of traders become successful. This is very close to the truth. As in any business, no more than 5-10% climb to the top of professionalism, and the rest are middle peasants and plankton, who go to work only for the sake of working workdays and mediocre wages for food. So on Forex everything id as in life.

Personally, from my own experience I can say this - only in the 7th year of constant practice I began to quietly earn money. Some go to this result even longer! However, it is these people: stubborn and knowing that Forex is their calling, and achieve success here. There is no other way.

I believe that Forex is my way to financial independence! Otherwise, I would not be here.

In conclusion, I will say this: financial independence with the help of the forex market is quite real. All that you need to succeed in this field is the Internet, a computer and the ability to use the knowledge gained.

Also, you must not be afraid to take risks and improve your skills. By gaining experience, you gain confidence in yourself and in your actions. And that means - go the way that will lead you to financial stability.

I wish everyone to find their place in life and work in joy!

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