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Electric meat grinder - what you need to know

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The electric meat grinder is an indispensable helper, with the help of which it is easy to make minced meat and grind many other products. It perfectly grinds meat with hard veins, lard, vegetables, fruits, and the variety of nozzles in the set allows you to experiment with texture and texture. Doing without a meat grinder in the kitchen is not an easy task, especially if the processing is on a large scale.

Electric meat grinder

Why does the meat grinder turn black? This is inevitable if you do not clean the device in time after work. To do this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. But we know how it's done.

How to properly clean an electric meat grinder

Fat on the auger, knives and grill, the persistent smell of garlic, onions, fish - all this will certainly be after contact with food. Do not leave the meat grinder dirty in any case: the organic fragments will spoil quickly, become moldy and start to give off an unpleasant odor. This is unacceptable for a caring hostess! She clearly understands that the correct operation of meat grinders prolongs their service life. And in every way follows the long-known rules: wash and clean the device after each use. How to clean an aluminum meat grinder or a plastic one? Consider the most popular and popular methods.

How to clean a meat grinder from fatty meat with bread?

The simplest method of cleaning is, of course, to include reverse. On the way back, most of the veins and sticky food will be removed from the auger. But the fat will remain. What to do in such cases? Put a few pieces of loaf, which perfectly absorb liquid consistency: fat, lard, juice of vegetables and fruits. Bread in this case works on the principle of a sponge.

It is much more convenient to use bread than to clean the parts of the device by hand, rinse with water and rub with a rag. After the meat grinder is cleaned, it remains to rinse with warm water, dry well and wipe until shiny. This way, metal and plastic elements will last longer.

Cleaning the meat grinder with potatoes

In this case, raw potatoes are used, preferably juicy varieties. The method is most effective if the fat and its remnants have tightly covered all the components of the meat grinder. Using peeled potatoes (one or more pieces), the device can be easily washed.

We start the meat grinder and put the raw vegetables.
Wait until the auger grinds the potatoes and grease the inside and outside.
Turn off the appliance and rinse everything under running water.
As a result, the fat will go away, and the device will only need to be thoroughly dried.

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