Company Review

Digital Equity, registered in the Marshall Islands, is a brand operated by BI-GLOBAL WORLD LTD. The parent company offers the wide range of digital solutions for financial companies. Two years ago, the company registered its own brokerage; later, the newly founded company started its business.

The history of Digital Equity is relatively short but clear and transparent. It does not include the scam scandals, unsatisfied customers, or other reputation breaks. Since its foundation, the company provides high-level trading services. Following our main task to find a reliable broker on the market, we researched this company in detail to check if it meets the declared standards. Let us share our conclusions with the readers.

Trading Accounts

Digital Equity offers two main types of accounts: live and demo accounts. A demo account is a type of training; it is a virtual simulation of the trader’s workspace. A new trader can open a demo account without the investment and get the virtual money on the deposit. After that, the trader can do everything: open and close deals, set up the indicators, get profits, and lose money. The only thing is unavailable for the demo account – money withdrawal. Many traders believe a demo account is a perfect option for those who just entered forex market.

The experienced traders say the demo account training is dangerous for the new trader because it does not develop the fair to lose money. When they switch to live account, they do not decrease affordable the risk level and lose the deposit. Really, working with a real account, the trader allows less risk level than on a demo account. Anyway, the clients of can try both options: demo account and live account with the minimum deposit.

Live accounts in Digital Equity broker are divided into four types named by the metals. The larger deposit you invest, the higher is your account type. However, we did not find a significant difference between the accounts of different types. All accounts offer an unlimited number of open positions and leverage 1:300. Any company client with any type of account can ask for personalized help and some other services provided by the company. The only benefit of the Platinum account is the lower spreads. We appreciate this democratic approach.

For those who are new on this market or want to try the new broker, we recommend the Bronze account: the deposit size starts from $250, which is affordable for most forex market players.

Digital Equity Reviews

Terms and Conditions

First of all, let us tell you about some limitations Digital Equity review shows for its clients. You can become the client if you are 18-65 years old, your annual income should be more than $25,000, and you are not allowed to use the retirement funds for the trading. On the one hand, the limitations prevent some people the access to the company services. On the other hand, in this way, the company protects certain categories of people from losing all their money on the forex market. It is not a secret that forex and stock trading, future contracts trading, etc. are a high-risk business. The brokerage put the best efforts to protect customer’s money, but the risky deals are the nature of this business. So, the company tries to prevent retired people and low-income families from this risk. It is the kind of Corporate Social Responsibility available for the brokerage.

There is also a limitation for money withdrawal. Every client can withdraw money on the same account he or she deposited it earlier. This limitation meets the anti-laundering regulations, so it is implemented for better business security. The amount of money, however, is not limited, and this is fine. It is known that the traders do not love to split the transfer on the smaller amounts because of the limitations. Also, the minimal withdrawal limit is not set.

Further Digital Equity review shows nothing exceptional: the terms and conditions are well-balanced, the spreads are of middle level and lower for Platinum accounts, the leverage is 1:300. Actually, the brokerages offer a variety of leverage levels starting from 1:20, but it is reasonable to keep somewhere in the middle. We conclude the company does not tend to risky innovations and uses the existing standards.

The same approach Digital Equity uses for a trading platform. Instead of trying the various brand-new solutions for digital trading, the company stuck with Metatrader4. This reliable platform is already tested with the generations of traders. The easy access and compatibility with older gadgets are the main benefits of MT4. MT4 has the flexible setting and can be easily modified by any user. It also has desktop, web, and mobile clients, so it is accessible from any gadget anytime.

Easy Entrance

Many broker companies move the entry threshold up with the complex terms for the new traders. Their logic is simple and clear: the brokerage gets money from the spreads, the commissions for the trading deals. The most profitable clients are the experienced brokers with the deposits of several thousand dollars. So, the companies focus their efforts on this target group and pay less attention to the new traders.

Digital Equity offers the best terms for new traders. If a new client has a limited budget or does not want to invest the large amount initially, there are two options: a demo account or a Bronze live account starting from $250. There are not so many companies that offer the entry amount of that low. Besides, the personal account manager cares about the new clients, answer the questions, and helps with all the issues.

Trading Products

At the very beginning of the Forex market, the traders could access the limited number of currency pairs. A long distance separates those times from the current market situation. The modern broker must provide a wide range of trading products to the clients. After our Digital Equity review, we discovered about 145 assets available from trading. Let us review the main groups of the trading assets in Digital Equity.

Currency pairs are the cornerstone of the forex trading. Digital Equity provides approximately 50 currency pairs for the major currencies, including different combinations with the euro, U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, British Pound, and so on.

Spot Shares – trading with stocks of famous companies can also profit for a trader, but Digital Equity offers the stock indices also.

Energies – the oil and gas prices go up and down, and it is possible to make some money on these fluctuations.

Metals - to buy and sell precious metals, you should not move heavy biscuits. Just start trading with the respectable broker company.

Futures – soybeans, coffee, wheat, and other commodities is the new gold. Investment in commodity futures can be profitable.

Helpdesk and Customer Service

We decided to try the work of the Customer Support service by ourselves. For this purpose, we contacted them by email and asked some questions about the trading in Digital Equity. Then we summarized our experience.

First, we have to mention the fast response. Excluding one case, we have got an answer for an email request within 30 minutes. But is not some kind of exclusion from regular market, and the number of helpdesk technicians on holiday is limited.

Second, it is necessary to mention the support representatives’ friendly, polite, and professional manners. Despite the complex and sometimes provocative questions, the support team always provided high-quality service. All our requests were closed, and the questions answered.

At last, we would mention that our requests could be processed more quickly via the live chat or special bot in messengers. Hope the com[any will add these options later.

Phone number: +441758688512


Digital Equity Broker scam?

Partner Program does not charge the extra fees for money deposit and withdrawal and other activities. So how does the company advertise and promote its services? Every business has to promote itself to get new clients and to compete successfully in its market share. The answer is simple: the company offers its partnership program. We investigate it and found nothing unusual. The scheme is easily doable, and almost any active Internet user can use it. 

To partner with, it is enough to have any popular resource on the Internet. It can be standalone blog, popular account in the social networks, website – whatever. Every person who wants to become a partner contacts the support service. A new partner signs an agreement, and the company provides the promo kit – banners, buttons, and other tool. Then the partner places these promo tools on the authorized resources. When the company gets a new client with a partner's help, the last one gets a reward: more clients and more deposits – more rewards for a partner. Many companies use this scheme for the partner's program, and Digital Equity is not exclusion.

Digital Equity and Trading Scam

Choosing the brokerage, each trader analyses the company and decided if it is worth trust. Many criminals try to enter the forex market and collect money from traders in different ways. So, we analyzed the activities of the Digital Equity to check for the scam. We discovered several positive and one negative factor regarding business transparency and possible fraud and manipulations.

Customer data protection. Digital Equity broker pays great attention to information security. The company verifies every new account and sets the password policy to avoid identity theft. On the server side, the company keeps all data on the separate server, protected physically from the unauthorized access and extreme weather conditions. Besides, the company uses anti-malware protection to avoid the data leak. 

Financial security. To avoid the concern related to money flow, we researched the Digital Equity reviews. We have found several notices regarding the delay with money withdrawal dated early 2019. It seems at that period, the company really faced some issues with the money transfers; however, later they arranged everything. 

Terms and conditions. All the necessary documents, including terms and conditions, are available on the company website. Moreover, we analyzed the documents and did not notice anything unusual or suspicious. The company follows the general business rules for a brokerage.

Regulator. As a rule, the broker company declares the name of the regulator it works with. We did not find the regulator on the company on the website. So, this fact we consider as a negative one. However, the total balance is good for Digital Equity: it is not a scam company. 


To conclude our review, let us summarize the main points: 

 - The company is rather conservative as for the terms and conditions;

- However, it stays democratic when it goes about different account type;

- It puts the best efforts to the security; 

- It has a few missing things, which makes future clients hesitating when it comes to doing business with them.