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AssetShot (scam?) forex broker experts: Top Bank Card Fraud Methods in 2021

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What methods of carding are the most popular, what to do if the fraudsters find out the details of your bank card, how to protect yourselves from theft and what are the chances of getting the funds back - in this material AssetShot scam detection expert shares some tips. 

The most common methods of theft of funds from bank cards (carding) are based on psychological methods of persuading, deceiving or intimidating customers. According to the AssetShot review, more than 80% of all attacks are related to social engineering. The most popular among fraudsters is bank phishing - this is the name of the process of exporting personal data from bank clients.

How scammers work - AssetShot scam check

Posing as bank employees ("security service" or "financial monitoring service"), they report suspicious activity and offer to dictate card details so that the bank takes measures to protect funds.

They persuade to transfer money to a separate account, ostensibly to protect them, this can be done online or by withdrawing money from an ATM - in this case, the client can even order a taxi to him.

They ask to install special software for "funds protection", with the help of which fraudsters can steal card data and issue a pre-approved loan, and then withdraw funds.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, scammers have been actively exploiting the topic of coronavirus, whether it is “free” diagnostics, medical assistance, benefits, compensation, refunds for air tickets and other pretexts, ultimate goal of which is to transfer money.

In some cases, attackers offer to transfer money to a third-party account to pay state fees for future compensation.

AssetShot scam detection team warns! You should not disclose your card details to third parties, including the four-digit PIN code and the three-digit CVC code indicated on the back. Of course, support team may ask you for your bank card picture. But they will never ask you to tell them your CVV code. When scammers make a call, there’s even a possibility that a real bank phone number will be displayed. They may also address themselves as police officers or credit bureaus.

Email phishing, social media, and fake websites - AssetShot scam check


AssetShot scam detection team warns! Emails sent by fraudsters may contain links to fake sites imitating pages of online stores with big discounts, as well as hotels, airline ticket services, insurance companies, and various departments. Emails also come under the guise of receipts for payment of utility bills or in the form of official notices from banks and other organizations.

Another popular scam is related to sales on ad sites, where a buyer, using a fake link, enters data to pay for a non-existent product.

In social networks, scammers send messages to the list of friends from a hacked account with a request to transfer money to the card. Such information should always be double-checked through other communication channels. scam detection team warns! No need to follow links from suspicious emails. Beware of paying for purchases on suspicious sites, do not transfer money if you are not sure of the recipient. Control all account transactions and use antivirus software.

ATM scam - AssetShot scam check

Theft with the use of special readers (skimmers) and overlays on the pin-pads of ATMs is becoming less and less due to the improvement in the technical equipment of banks. They are being replaced by a simulation of situations with elements of social engineering. In one of the scenarios, a fraudster (usually an elderly person) “forgets” the card at the ATM and then asks to remove it from the person who is nearby. Having received the card back, the attacker, together with his accomplices, checks the account balance and claims that the money is gone, after which he demands to return it. scam detection team warns! No need to use other people's cards from ATMs. If the card has already been removed and threats are received, it is recommended to call the police.

What to do if fraudsters receive data and withdraw money from the card

1. Call the bank, block the card, claiming the unauthorized use of funds

2. In the bank office, draw up a document of disagreement with the operation

3. Submit a report to the police about stealing money from the card

To minimize the risk of losing money, it is better not to tell anyone on the phone the card details and codes from SMS. Unless it was a call from a support team to help you. Do not enter card data on sites that you do not trust 100%, do not download mobile applications from unverified sources, and use an antivirus. But the best thing is to never keep on a plastic card an amount greater than the one with which it is not a pity to part.

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user_avatarMorris Ronald 21.06.2021

Positive experience. Although this is a relatively young broker, but so far it is with AssetShot that is easiest for me. I have something to compare. There are no complaints about the functionality and quality of the service. The broker works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. It is very easy to configure, regulate and there is a whole package of tools for successful trading. The site has all the information about the four tariff plans. You can trade a lot of points, for example, 50 currency pairs. The starting recommended deposit of $ 250, IMHO, guarantees an easy start, even for full noobs. It would not be worth to do less entrance threshold, anyway, this money will quickly return.

user_avatarRoberts Peter 23.06.2021

AssetShot broker now has good chances to escape from the shadow of large companies. It can already go out of "young" status, IMHO. I have been trading since the beginning of autumn, today I’m happy with everything. MetaTrader 4 platform with a flexible system of settings, fast withdrawal, no hitches. Each time, it took up to two hours to fill out a bid and transfer to a card. More often it's less. If you leave a request at a later time, the confirmation and transfer will be of course in the morning. System failures, breaks, brakes were not. Unless volatility is taken into account, this is understandable. There were requotes and slippage. I am comfortable here, I feel safe and secure.

user_avatarPrice Walter 02.07.2021

The level of service and quality of the organization as a whole at AssetShot broker are worthy of respect. It is a pity that such stability and speed of execution are not often found even among older players. So there is definitely a fat plus. There are slippages in both directions, sometimes requotes. But not critical. Scalping lovers are very comfortable here. Funds are withdrawn very quickly, no strange delays or postponements for the next day. In general, in terms of the reliability of the work and the proposed conditions, you can put a strong four.

user_avatarLynch Paul 06.07.2021

I thought to try AssetShot as a temporary option. Immediately liked the capabilities of the terminal. MetaTrader4 platform is intuitive, very convenient and it is interesting and easy to trade with it. There is almost no requote, excellent speed, opening and closing deals takes a couple of seconds. The approach to the client is professional, all managers in their field are competent, polite. I have no complaints about the trading conditions and the technical side as a whole. So, I'm still here for the third month, everything suits. I hope the broker will develop further.

user_avatarGray Roger 16.07.2021

Broker AssetShot collected in cool way all the necessary conditions for a good quiet trading, such as fast execution and reliable terminal. On the whole, such a picture is created, as if the company has been working for a long time and has already tested everything, well, and as if I’ve been with it for a long time. Everything is already so familiar and understandable. Analytics is updated every day, you can work on your strategy. Profit predicted. And even if the market behaves unusually, it is possible to throw the bait for risking risk, or to make trade bots work for yourself. Everything is transparent, as it's under a microscope. I withdrew repeatedly, quickly, without further ado. I trade only currency so far, but the broker has a large selection of options for trading. Maybe in time I will start working with gold and oil, we'll see. While everything is ok.

user_avatarConley Mark 10.08.2021

The most important thing in Assetshot is a good strategy, patience (discipline), and everything will succeed.

user_avatarWaters Victor 16.08.2021

It is more focused on medium and large players who give a report about what they do!

user_avatarEdwards Anthony 26.08.2021

I can not say that this is a job for me, rather part-time job. Not very big, but stable income. The main thing is perseverance.

user_avatarO’Neal’ Britton 29.08.2021

Commissions were compared with other companies, they have the smallest.

user_avatarMcCormick Charles 30.08.2021

Assetshot Excellent company! Competent dilings and high-quality service - this is what needs customers. That is why they are leaders!

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If I knew that I could only work with a regular company without spending money on courses, I would first register here. Because although I tried to master a large amount of information, I needed more support and advice every day than all this knowledge and chaos in my head.

user_avatarBond Oliver 15.09.2021

The financial sector has changed greatly lately. Many companies appear and disappear. I try to hold on long-term cooperation because I tend to the idea of a quiet stock trading. Currencies are too unstable for me and are unpredictable in view of the current events. Therefore, shares and CFDs are the best option. Here I get a good price and good support.

user_avatarHardy Kory 22.09.2021

It's like cycling: If you have learned first, you can not forget it. This is my third broker, and this time I finally finally found what I was looking for.

user_avatarSimon Francis 24.09.2021

I have just left my previous employer from a hidden attack and thanked Grandunion for the opportunity to get money through quarantine. I do not know what I would do without being honest.

user_avatarWilkerson Eustace 29.09.2021

I have been dealing with for some time, and was quite satisfied with the results. It could be more, but they are pretty good. For those who still have doubts - they should try to find it out because they can not follow conclusions before they try

user_avatarKing John 05.10.2021

I've never acted before, so the selection of a broker of course fell hard. I just did not know what to look at. The final choice fell to assetshot, but I'm still far from drawing conclusions. I have earned some money, but still wait if you can comply with your promises.

user_avatarFlowers Shon 07.10.2021

assetshot seems to me a good chance. No pronounced weaknesses, but also no strong pages. I have worked with you several months and decided to continue working with you just because I have no better alternative and do you know what? Looks like it was not a bad idea

user_avatarHolt Abel 10.10.2021

We shared stories with my dealer friends some time ago and it turned out that none of us ever worked with assetshot, so we were curious. It seems that not much information about you are available. Would you please share some? I would really appreciate it.

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I had the idea that assetshot may be a good option to start your trading career, but unfortunately I miss information. If someone wants to experience and share experience with them, that would be great.