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AssetShot review - secure broker with great ambitions

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AssetShot broker

AssetShot scam

AssetShot is a broker that has chosen a rather promising path for itself. The official website of the company shows nice conditions for trading, a wide range of trading instruments, and an application for smartphones and tablets. We have made a detailed AssetShot review and it can help you to understand what kind of broker is it. 

AssetShot Forex broker guarantees traders and their fund's top levels of security. The broker uses encryption that makes its accounts secure and safe.

AssetShot review - what can we see?

We learn from the official website that AssetShot is headquartered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The company’s legal address is published on the bottom of every page. 

The activity is regulated by the local regulators.

AssetShot has all the necessary documents to trade mentioned assets.

Registration procedure on the official website review

To get an account is very simple. This procedure should not take a long time. You need to fill out a simple form where you indicate your data. And later you will have to pick an account type and pass verification for better security. 

AssetShot scam protection - verification process

At scam protection is provided with the verification process. It is important for the Anti Money Laundering policy program. 

All newcomers are to provide their copies of passports or ID and a copy where your place of residence is indicated. 

Min depo





Floating from 2.8 pips

Minimal spread


Minimal lot




Trust management


Trading platform

Meta trader4




50 currency pairs,

45+ CFD

Account Currency



No commission for all accounts


Account types: 

The resource provides information on 4 types of accounts: 

  1. Bronze. The minimum deposit starts from 250 USDT. Standard educational programs and 1: 100 leverage are available to clients; 
  2. Silver. You need to invest 2,000 dollars in the project. Basic services + 1: 200 leverage are available to clients; expert advisor


  1. Gold. The entry threshold is 10 thousand USDT. For this money, you will receive: round-the-clock support, analysis of the history of transactions, expert advisor, leverage 1:300
  2. Platinum. The investment amount is $50,000. You get the highest priority in order execution, trading leverage 1:400.


All accounts have no commission and allow scalping and news trading. 


AssetShots: Reviews of Comments 

While writing this review, we have read many reviews about the AssetShots broker. All clients describe the cooperation with the company positively. Everyone wants to have their own business, but not many are ready to take real responsibility for the result. In trading, there is practically no way to pass your result onto someone else. Therefore, inexperienced traders often lose heart when closing any losing trades. A trader's income depends on his knowledge, experience and ability to analyze and work on himself. And the second component is a reliable broker who will execute transactions. Everything is simple here.

William Right, Manchester, (UK), 45, taxi driver

 I opened a real account and immediately decided to check the withdrawal. Created a request. Everything came on time without any delays or problems. I work in the stock market, I am subscribed to analytics, so I am always aware of what is happening with the shares of global companies and I can make money on it. There are no complaints about the AssetShots broker, the service is at a high level, it has proved to be the best in its field. I continue to cooperate and earn!

Mark Jackson, Prague, bar owner, 29

I began to cooperate with AssetShots on the recommendation of a good friend. From personal experience, I can say that I happened to observe the changes that took place in the work of a broker. I like that the company does not stand still, but generates and implements new technologies. The terminal does not freeze when trading, which is very good when trading at particularly volatile times. The spreads are real, the trading conditions correspond to those stated on the site. Special thanks to the broker for the extended range of trading instruments.

Hanna Wills, Dublin, student, 24

 A convenient terminal, I quickly figured out everything, I also downloaded AssetShots to my phone, so that it would be more convenient to control transactions when it is not possible to be at the computer. I took out the profit several times, it came out pretty quickly through my web wallet. I connected analytics to my account, a very good thing, it helps in trading. I advise everyone, excellent broker!

Thomas Lewis, Liverpool (UK), 29, sales manager

I like to trade with AssetShots broker, it provides good trading conditions, you can trade bitcoins and shares of large world companies, and in general, the broker has a wide range of trading instruments. I often use analytics. It is not difficult to find it, you go right there to the official website and in the analytics section, you look at the trade recommendations of the company's experts. I also like the section of experts' opinions and a separate column for news releases on interest rates.

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user_avatarMcKenzie Clinton 25.06.2021

In my opinion, AssetShot is currently one of the most promising forex brokers. Among the new names so accurately. It began to work actively a year ago and now he has honestly gained a positive reputation among experienced traders. It deserves respect for adhering to the principles and working conditions declared from the very beginning. Technical support works around the clock, answers all questions on the topic, prompts, helps in difficult situations. All support tips were useful to me. Performance pleases with speed. Zero fee for withdrawal and input. No training material. The site can only find informational articles. There are no inter-trading tournaments and all kinds of promotions. There are not so many reviews on the net. But see for yourself, the majority writes about real pros and cons and the attitude to the broker is generally positive.

user_avatarHenderson Ronald 27.06.2021

I closed my account with BKS after analyzing the competitors' spreads, came to the conclusion that trading here is more expensive than expected. While I was reading the information online, I paid more attention to the conditions for my USD / JPY currency pair. It turned out that the lowest spreads were at the little-known broker AssetShot. What else is profitable here, the spreads are initially fixed. I work with the platform MetaTrader 4, in my opinion this is the most sane terminal, without bugs and brakes. But one thing, the information on the site could be updated more often, and, in my opinion, not enough tariff packages.

user_avatarNichols Daniel 07.07.2021

After the New Year holidays, I opened a silver account with a broker AssetShot. All my expectations were met: fixed spreads, mid-market quotes, commissions only for spreads, and there is no percentage for replenishment / withdrawal, all as stated by the broker. Excellent analytics, even higher than expected here. Competent support helps, suggests. Sometimes lucky to call almost immediately))) There are no micro accounts and demos, well, I don’t need it anymore, but for beginners it would be useful.

user_avatarRichard Howard 22.07.2021

As I think, if you want to make forex a source of your income, (first or second), then first of all you need to strain and choose a really decent broker. There is always the risk of running into the kitchen and losing everything invested there. Two months ago, I opened an account on AssetShot. Meta Trader Platform 4. Quick enough and easy registration, you replenish the account and work. Resupplying takes place at the current rate, no additional interest is charged. It is very convenient to work from the tablet, there is a native application, you quickly install it in a couple of minutes and is ready. But, alas, I didn’t work out as quickly with Mac. The application did not fit for him, I had to use magic and put the MT on the emulator. Oddly enough, the terminal is not buggy and does not hang. The ordering itself is fast, as is the I / O. In my opinion, this is a reliable and promising broker.

user_avatarWilliamson John 22.07.2021

Dynamic spreads at my past broker recently began to creep beyond the stated boundaries. I tried to find out this question with support, but in response did not receive a single clear explanation, only vague phrases. Couldn't stand it, took the money and went on the advice of a friend to AssetShot. Here, the spreads are fixed, and profitable for the market. I practice scalping, and here you can see very well a good profit from small instant transactions. Another advantage is that the broker does not take an additional percentage on the withdrawal and input.

user_avatarShields Eustace 01.08.2021

Recently he drove money to it takes it to Assetshot, I tried to stretch. It seems to be. Profit has already brought without problems.

user_avatarHarrison Amos 05.08.2021

Anton, fined everyone, even Microsoft from time to time is fined due to some bureaucratic rags. As for NFA - Assetshot seems to be no longer working in the United States, therefore it is not necessary to register there. But I can be wrong.

user_avatarMcDonald Christopher 07.08.2021

Assetshot An excellent office. I do not regret what contacted and I'm not going to look for others.

user_avatarPayne John 10.08.2021

Forex - a difficult matter, but it is worth it to understand and learn! All come in hope to cut down the loot on light and fast, but you need to make efforts first

user_avatarDaniels Michael 30.08.2021

I do normally selling in Assetshot and I do not want to another "normal" work. ) I'm going to go to Thailand for the winter. Trade anyway from where, and the cold is better to survive in warm edges. )

user_avatarHoover Robert 05.09.2021

Easy to register and invest, helpful and informative staff

user_avatarFleming Adam 10.09.2021

Thanks to this broker, I have more experience than ever in educational courses. The only way to understand how everything works is to act yourself. At least that works for me. I've been for five weeks and the most comfortable picture for me, if I see that my outstanding call is processed on deduction of funds.

user_avatarRandall Walter 15.09.2021

What is this broker? I have been familiar with trade for a long time and have even created a demo account in winter, but I've never tried the "real" before the assetshot. This is my first attempt to act as a professional, and I think quite successful that I have received two conclusions over the last three weeks.

user_avatarDoyle Randolph 16.09.2021

For some time I trade with assetshot, I am satisfied with the results. Probably, maybe more, but it's not bad. For those who still have doubts - they should try to find out, because it's one thing they can never say before they try it.

user_avatarMcBride Moses 23.09.2021

I just started working with this broker, but I have already noticed many positive vibes that project them. I do not like the New-Age stuff especially, but the feeling is hard to shake off and for me it's a good reason to stay there.

user_avatarCameron Williamя 28.09.2021

The entire process of collaboration with this broker was really easy and beneficial. Oh, and your support service is really great. I love to talk to these guys. They are always polite and ready to solve their problems.

user_avatarJoseph Jeremy 29.09.2021

Before you even start making trade calls, you have to sit and think and rationalize all your future activities. Think of the amount of money you are willing to provide, to the broker you will work with, be it assetshot or another decent broker out there.

user_avatarFloyd Williamя 05.10.2021

Was called from assetshot, I'm still not sure at all the trade. Seems to be a lot of risk and problems.

user_avatarSimpson Shawn 08.10.2021

I put some money in assetshot and get something okay. To be honest, I expected more. Where are these super profits that all look forward to?

user_avatarJacobs Derick 09.10.2021

Oh God, this season with assetshot was extremely successful for me. I am looking forward to working with you again.

user_avatarMaxwell Simon 13.10.2021

I had some excitement, how long the payback time of assetshot takes, but now it's okay, my money came home.

user_avatarBriggs Warren 20.10.2021

All people who scream, you can not earn money with Forex, know assetshot certainly in no way. I have only made good experiences with them and can assure you that they are fantastic.

user_avatarWeaver Michael 21.10.2021

I have always believed that as a sensible person, you have to manage their finances themselves and that this includes all investments they could make, but this employee of assetshot had convinced me that a good broker for my finances actually be healthier. Especially if I have no time to train myself in the trade. Made some really valid points.