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AssetShot Forex broker: 3 mistakes beginner traders make

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Most of the novice traders who have come to the AssetShot Forex broker have practically no experience, knowledge and a clear trading strategy that can be used consistently. They are faced with a huge volume of information, from offers of different trading systems to necessary rules of self-discipline and the choice of a broker. 

There are also some signal providers promising 100% profits and mountains of gold to those who pay and subscribe to their signals. How can a trader "survive" in the market in such a situation? To do this, you need to understand what mistakes are inherent in most cases, which can be avoided, and which you must risk to gain experience. Thus, the saying "those who are forewarned are truly armed" becomes relevant. AssetShot broker experts made the list of the most common mistakes that will help you not to lose too much money, nerves and energy due to inexperience.

AssetShot broker tips:

1)Lack of a well-defined trading system. There are cases when a newbie started trading, he was lucky and he could quickly spin up a deposit, then he quickly lost everything and began to complain that brokers are scammers and it is impossible to make money in this area. Some at the very beginning of the trading path "managed" to trade using one stochastic, MACD or other classic indicators, but still lost the deposit, due to the lack of a clear action plan, money management and a more stable trading strategy. Therefore, before starting trading on a real account on AssetShot Forex broker, you need to create or find a trading strategy that has shown good results over long periods and which is simple and comfortable for the trader himself. It should have a clear action plan and risk management so that inputs are reasonable and losses are minimal. At the moment, on the Internet, many Forex traders share their developments, talk about the possibilities of creating their strategy, or about reworking from existing ones. It is extremely important to first trade on a demo account to "fill your hand" and identify weaknesses, thanks to which, later, trading on a real account will be more profitable and psychologically calm.

AssetShot broker tips:

2) Lack of regular analysis of their trades and keeping a trader's diary. An important factor in successful trading is the constant analysis of conducted transactions and keeping records. Such analysis helps to compose a complete picture and understand which entries according to the strategy are the most profitable and which ones should be avoided. In addition, it is possible to determine at what time of day and days of the week the trade is less successful and, possibly, not to trade for too long during this period. The diary helps to see the growth or decline of the deposit, and with profitable trading, it can even cheer up and give more incentive to "conquer" the market further. It is an indispensable tool for professional traders at AssetShot broker, underestimated among beginners.

AssetShot broker tips:

3) Lack of restraint and self-discipline. In most cases, this error results in the loss of the deposit. The fact is that it is difficult for beginners at AssetShot broker to restrain themselves and not get excited - they are trying to "spin up the deposit" to fabulous sizes in the shortest possible time, which is practically impossible. Therefore, upon reaching a certain trading plan, for example - plus 5-10% to the daily deposit on binary options, and approximately + 10-50% to the monthly deposit on Forex, the work should be stopped. These numbers are relative and depend on the aggressiveness of the trading strategy and the professionalism of the trader. Nevertheless, a clear trading plan is essential to maintain discipline and stable capital gains.

AssetShot Forex broker experts hope that the above list of errors will help you to trade more competently. The main thing to remember is that an experienced trader has three factors: a stable and understandable strategy, introspection and a clear trading plan - in combination, these three things will greatly increase your chances of a stable income.

Forex income has virtually no boundaries. The daily trading volume is 4 trillion. dollars (as of 2010). At the same time, by 2020, the trade volume is projected to grow to 10 trillion dollars a day. The largest foreign exchange market in the world allows you to earn almost unlimited amounts

In addition, market conditions, whatever they may be, you can use to your advantage. You need to buy a currency when it moves up, and in any currency pair, there will be just such a leading currency. Great opportunities for unlimited earnings - that's why you need to trade on Forex with AssetShot broker.

The market is a transparent structure, which cannot but be appreciated in the trading environment. Risks are manageable, and orders for transactions are executed in the shortest possible time. The system works efficiently and smoothly, including thanks to the excellent hardware and software for trading procedures.

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user_avatarMcGee Anthony 17.06.2021

Many times already people wrote that AssetShot had problems with dialing. Does anyone read these reviews at all? Honestly, tired of hanging on the line. Actually, this is the only thing that upsets me here. Maybe it's worth more people to take or add channels for communication. And for a long time, it's time to screw the chat on the site. It is a pity for the managers who answer a bunch of questions from morning to evening. I am glad that there are all patient and always aware of all market trends. I also like analytics, it gives a large percentage of successful forecasts. Fast order execution, takes just a second. There is no commission for I / O, and these operations also take place quickly, without complications. Spreads are static. No tournaments, contests, promotions.

user_avatarStafford Nicholas 03.07.2021

Enrages when the broker changes tariffs without warning or overstates the quotes. None of that stuff is here. AssetShot in the course of work fulfills all the promises and conditions set on the first day. The system itself is stable, does not hang, there have never been any cliffs or falls. In fact, the spreads, requotes, and slippings are actually one of the best among everything I've worked with. Excellent analytics, by the way. There are all tools for scalping, the execution is almost instant. I have already withdrawn money several times, but I plan to continue saving money for the depot, I will deal in transactions. With the withdrawal there are no problems, they do it on the same day.

user_avatarLucas Charles 11.07.2021

I recommend broker AssetShot, if you are willing to work and earn on real transactions. Even if you are a noob, нщг quickly learn everything and gain experience. By the way, there are no demo and macro accounts, training webinars, videos. Only forward, jump off a cliff and learn to swim. MetaTrader 4 platform with a detailed manual, trading bots and round-the-clock technical support will help you! The speed is super, analytics is a bomb, all operations go in seconds, the broker does not withdraw the commission for input and output. Scalping is available for experienced traders. There is good and bad news about support. The good thing is that managers are very knowledgeable about the topic and uniquely pro in trading. And bad is that they can't be reached. You have to hang on the line and wait for the connection for 10 minutes.

user_avatarYoung Christopher 11.07.2021

I've been testing AssetShot for a month now. At some point, I began to forget that the broker was on the market for just a year. Everything is safe and in good faith. There has never been a conflict with support, the guys are competent and adequate. It can be said that it is always possible to agree on incomprehensible points with the support service. They answer questions in such detail as if they had been trading for 5-6 years already. Or maybe it is. The overall impression is a serious broker with a good base of experience and skills. Everything suits me, and the approach to the work of management, and trading conditions. Terminal MetaTrader in the fourth version, you can deal with planning and your strategies. The execution is excellent. All deals open and close quickly and on time.

user_avatarHolmes Christopher 27.07.2021

Cann't say this is the best variant. AssetShot has many more flaws. I am ready to put 7 out of 10 for stability, good speed, quality of service and transparency of trading conditions. The fact that this could be a kitchen or a scam would not occur to me. I have been trading for half a year already, several times I have been withdrawing funds, now I am saving up for the purchase of a second user package. I think that ideal brokers cannot be found now, everyone has their own strengths / weaknesses. In addition, it became a lot in common. Stable fast communication and the availability of your mobile application are no longer uncommon. It is important who you are willing to trust. Here I have never had any controversial situations with support, in terms of functionality there are no complaints either. I work myself and am ready to recommend. If the management will listen to the opinions of customers, flaws will be eliminated. Especially if they add new contacts for connections with operators.

user_avatarSherman Peter 04.08.2021

I am still superior with a broker Assetshot, excellent guys. If you knew how much I earned on them!

user_avatarWalton Shannon 05.08.2021

I work with Assetshot there are no problems. Once I requested, I sent a password rapidly to me promptly.

user_avatarLee Melvin 07.08.2021

So I'm talking about the same, there were no problems with the conclusion. Before the May holidays removed 5500, no delays and problems, calmly, on the second day already came. I will clarify again, I work with bank translations through the Visa card ... With other types of payments, I did not come across, but at least from my friends, the same did not have any major problems. I remember someone made a request in the evening on Thursday, and on Friday did not come money ... well, I waited until Monday, I got everything ... no longer remember with the "delays" of transfers!

user_avatarDean Edward 16.08.2021

On the webmoney, the conclusion was made with Invest. Schet - money came the next day. It seems to be an acceptable speed.

user_avatarRamsey Donald 24.08.2021

I do not remember that I had any problems with the withdrawal of funds, and if some questions arose, they were solved as fast ....... so the podtes need to look where they offer spreads of 0.5 pips, the withdrawal of funds After 10 seconds and different other "lotions"!

user_avatarCummings Peter 02.09.2021

My experience with assetshot was very positive after I felt 3 weeks ago !!! My consultant Roy has really made good offers, and I just participated in my initial investment! Forward and up !!!

user_avatarMcGee Archibald 16.09.2021

I came in the last week, but I decided that it is not for me. I talked to Victoria Novak, which was very pleasant and extremely helpful. If I decided to return, I would take advantage of the great cooperation with Victoria.

user_avatarHunt James 20.09.2021

I open the account, everything was fine, but I changed my mind, Lily helped me everything and she was very nice. Colin

user_avatarLamb Hilary 24.09.2021

I have opened an account and was very satisfied with my results and has increased the profit quickly. Unfortunately, I decided that trading is not possible for me at the moment due to family obligations, but that would examine in the future and would like to thank David Borg that he supported my decision and helped me.

user_avatarPitts Aldous 26.09.2021

I have thought of it differently because I need more time, but I'll come back to Lily because she always helped me.

user_avatarStevens Thomas 05.10.2021

I've worked together with assetshot with assetshot, and the only thing that keeps me from declaring to declare me as wasted all the time is that I actually achieved some gains. Nothing too big, just a few dollars.

user_avatarMartin Arnold 05.10.2021

Who is interested in the trade LOL. Yes, I have my share of talking to broker representatives, including assetshot, but I'm just not suitable for this type of business. The sales interview was good. I found it good how safe this guy talked about all the benefits that can offer his company.

user_avatarRichardson Charles 14.10.2021

If you think about your option on the merchandise market, you can not slip out of your focus assetshot. These people are currently pretty strong and cooperation with them can help them make career, just as they helped.

user_avatarBates Collin 18.10.2021

If you do not find in assetshot, after which you are looking for a broker, then good. Are you sure you understand what the word "broker" means? I'm just fun, but really, these people have everything.