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Apollofinances scam investigation and main myths about Forex

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Some critics believe that Forex is a scam, especially if the trades are carried out through an intermediary, but experts proved that wrong. If you are interested in the truth about Forex, then you will find it in this article. Like any high-yield business that attracts many people, Forex trading happens to be the target of fraudulent transactions and deception, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make some money there. scam investigation shows that Forex scam can be avoided by working with trusted and respected brokers.

Any trader should understand that the tricks of fraudulent forex companies are easy to figure out. Just keep calm and carefully check the signs of possible scam, with a little help of our tips and information. So let’s check most well-know myths about trading and find out if they are true or not.


Myth#1: trading takes a lot of money. reply: NO

You just need 250usd to get the full access to all the trading features and functions. Such a low entry point doesn’t mean Apollofinances scam – leverage trading makes you trading significantly larger amount of money than you invested. You can trade from any place of the planet just with smartphone and some Internet access.


Myth#2: newcomers lose it all. Apollofinances reply: NO

Any commerce has always been associated with the danger of losing part of the invested funds, because the market rules are objective and sometimes even brutal: when you’re wrong, you lose the money. But if you are not in a hurry and carefully study the market, you’ll soon find out that the truth about Forex is that every third newbie makes a tangible profit in the first month of working in the foreign exchange market. Everything depends on your own! The main thing you should understand is that all the profits and losses are just a part of larger picture and all you have to do is keep the profits higher.


Myth#3: it is unpredictable and unreliable. reply: 50/50

The forex market is the youngest (the forex market has existed since 1971), the most global and the most fast financial market in the world. Market participants are state-owned banks (central banks of developed countries), major commercial banks and companies, and individuals. The market works 24 hours a day and grows in volume every year. It’s unbelievably large (4-5 trillion usd). Apollofinances broker shows that fundamental analysis provides enough instruments to predict the market behavior and if you understand it, you can rely on your strategy. But not before that.


Myth#4: it looks like a casino. Apollofinances reply: NO

Even the most superficial analysis of the market shows that there are a number of events that affect it absolutely unambiguously. For example, after the events of September 11, 2001, the US dollar became cheaper by several percent within a few minutes. It’s easy to get.
But twhat are the usual prices fluctuation random? scam investigation explains: it’s all the market rules that change the prices. For example, after a missile strike on wells in Iraq or Iran, the cost of ‘black gold’ in the world market rises (there is less goods, but the demand remains at the same level). But there are plenty of countries that trade oil. This way, the connection with the currency prices of those countries is obvious. That’s why all the trading is not the subject of gambling, but the subject of analysis.

Tip from Apollofinances scam department: there’s always some people stating that they have some magic and unique strategy that will make you rich in a short time. That’s usually a regular scam. It’s always better to make your own strategy rather than buy it by someone.

Apollofinances review: special mind and knowledge

Thousands of completely different people, with or without education, have become clients. All of them have only one thing in common - the desire for success and financial freedom. Looking at the luckiest traders, you might think that they got the talent all the way from start, but they didn't. That are those people who once were able to take up a new business and proved that - they had taken the right step in practice.

Tip from Apollofinances: Forex - pros and cons

So, now you know what Forex trading looks like. It is quite possible to make money. It's your call! You can believe the fairy tales of losers and give up the possibility of earning income from trading on the Forex market, or you can, by choosing a broker for yourself, having mastered the rules and laws of financial markets, and start gaining income among successful traders.

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Comments 38

Cameron 15.04.2021

I have been trading with this broker for many months. A couple of times I had to contact support. Once my money was not withdrawn. Then the system hung. Everything was fixed quickly, I confirm. I enjoy working with this team. There are good people here.

Thomas 19.04.2021

I was advised this broker as a reliable partner, not a scammer. And so it happened: we work harmoniously, while there is only profit, there have never been any losses. Maybe I'm the lucky one, who knows? The main thing is that it is not a problem to get your money back. I have heard different cases. So far, there are no complaints. I give this broker the highest score.

Clarence 21.04.2021

It`s not known what will happen to the market tomorrow. Earn who can! I am willing to take risks, but so that the chances of making a profit are greater than the chances of losing. By the way, have you noticed how many brokers have appeared? Everyone wants to cash in! I`ve been working with this broker for a long time. This is an honest broker. You can earn without any risk. I believe that stability in the market will once again become achievable. But until then, we must not lose our money! We must multiply them!

user_avatarBrian 25.04.2021

Don't even start about spreads with me, really... I've no idea where else would you find such low ratios. Combined with the overall stability of the enterprise, they make for a really great working conditions. I feel like my staying here will be quite a long one.

user_avatarBuck Willis 01.05.2021

I am always very suspicious of brokers' promises. There is usually a catch in their words. How many times was the commission amount higher than you expected? But you have to pay out of pocket! "Successful" predictions, too, often turn out to be just a gimmick. This is how gullible clients are caught like fish in a pond. I'm not like that and checked everything. The spreads are low and the conditions are favorable. Today this is so, but in the future we will see.

user_avatarCasey 06.05.2021

I recommend this broker! It is profitable to make money here. You can get your first profit very quickly. You can also learn more to learn the basics of successful trading.

user_avatarHenrik 15.05.2021

Not the best conditions ever, but they are definitely above the average level. Adding their other options and we can say they deserve these four stars.

user_avatarLucas 20.05.2021

Look for my first money to come! I decided not to waste time for demos - I don’t think of it as a real trading.

user_avatarErick 22.05.2021

I like when everything is all right with the technical condition of the platform. It helps me to work more effective with the long-term orders. MT4 gives me everything I need in terms of instruments and tools, all graphs work correctly.

user_avatarJeffery Brooks 09.06.2021

This company was really helpful to me as someone who just started trading. I was overwhelmed with all these charts and details, and they explained me everything.

user_avatarMark Mendoza 10.06.2021

Trading is my hobby, not a job, but still pretty important part of my life. I think of all companies I tried I prefer this one. In other places there were some consultants who didn’t know what they were doing at all, but here everyone is really professional and helpful. Any issues I had were resolved quickly.

user_avatarDarren Owens 17.06.2021

I’d say this is one of the best platforms to trade metals. I almost completely switched to silver and gold, as oil became too risky, and I make even more profits than before. Terms for energy are also fine.

user_avatarJose Ortiz 21.06.2021

I've decided to try. 250 usd is almost nothing and for me that's a good way to check if the broker works fine or not. No additional commissions or fees yet and that's a plus.

user_avatarDarryl Taylor 24.06.2021

I've tried almost every account type of theirs. Gold one has most profitable spreads, especially for scalping and short orders, and the company allows it! I've left my previous company for their restrictions and not feel like I've found something much better

user_avatarTheodore Griffith 25.06.2021

I usually place long-term orders, so everything about the platform is important for me. After this month all I have to say is that the charts are clear, so looks like the platform is fairly showing the market with no weird jumps, and looks like MT4 gives me everything I need in terms of instruments and tools.

user_avatarTroy Erickson 06.07.2021

I set out to find a real broker at the minimum spreads,that works with the Meta Trader terminal. I scoured the internet, read feedbacks. Stopped at the Apollofinances. I liked the trading conditions, and the reviews convinced me. What surprised at the start was the lack of demos and micro accounts. For me, this is irrelevant, but for beginners it would probably be important. For some time, I had to deal with strategies and pull technical support guys, thank you for helping out professionally. Started with three hundred, then raised to five. For 3 months already I received the first profit. According to the conditions, I will note that the adding funds goes at the current rate, and during the withdrawal only bank interest is withdrawn.

user_avatarAnthony Brown 17.07.2021

I have experience with Libra Forex, everything was fine with me there. I have not yet realized that the meaning is not only in specific spreads, but also in quotes. The deposit began to merge, well, I noticed it in time. When I came here, first of all I rechecked everything. It turned out that Apollofinances quotes on average correspond to the market, plus or minus the same. In doing so, the spreads remain static and completely sane. Pleases fast processing of orders, there is practically no slippage, as well as disconnects. With the terminal Metatrader 4, I had no experience before, but I figured out pretty quickly. In strong fluctuations, I don’t venture to climb, I make small transactions, and trade EUR / USD.

user_avatarJames Hicks 23.07.2021

I'm still new to Apollofinances, trading with a broker just a week. By the way, it is also quite young still, in the sense of relatively recent on the market. Despite it, on the quality of the work of technical support and output provided it is no impact. Orders are driven quickly, spreads are adequate, lower than many others, besides static. I can definitely say that this is not a kitchen, everything is real. In general, the broker as a broker. Packages offer a little, there is no insurance at the starting level. I would like all sorts of lifehacks like bonuses for investments or events, contests and so on. I have not tried to withdraw it yet. But I already understood that only a percentage of the bank is taken for withdrawal.

user_avatarJohn Berry 24.07.2021

What are mine impressions of Apollofinances? I am ready to put the four with a plus, but I won’t give the five to anyone at all, there are no ideal ones)))) seriously, I’ll immediately point out that it’s a positive thing - ease of registration and commission-free withdrawal. Bidding is started automatically after the infusion of money into the account, by the way according to the current exchange rate. The job is fully automated, everything is executed quickly and clearly. The support is competent, answers all questions and helps if you can not cope. Pleases static spreads. When there is volatility, there is some inhibition, but this is if you strongly want to find fault with something. Disconnects were not.

user_avatarEddie Kennedy 28.07.2021

I'm sharing my personal experience with the broker Apollofinances. I love stability, which is why I was attracted by the static spreads here. This makes it possible to think over and choose the most successful strategy. What I need is the spreads for the EUR / USD pair, I analyzed, they are a little below the market, also a benefit. Orders will not say so instant, but do not hang. In the period of volatility, throw a couple of seconds on the order. To be honest, everything is done fairly quickly. Even the withdrawal deals with the whole up to an hour, on a wallet or on a card. Longer goes to the bank account, but these are mostly banking difficulties.

user_avatarWilliam Johnson 29.07.2021

Before I opened an account at Apollofinances, I seriously tuged the technical support. I decided to begin to find out all the questions with the manager. Well, I've learned everything, really airtight, they told me, explained, helped me to get registered. To begin with, decided to pour five hundred. I calculated that it would be enough to start with a shoulder of 1: 300. Let's look further, I will either deduce or inflate. The broker has low and static spreads and no commission on the withdrawal. Meanwhile, I'm working my magic with different strategies. The feelings are confident, the broker is normal, yes. You trade safely, the managers do not interfere without need and do not conjure up with your account. It's a pity that there is no insurance on the basis, I would take.he bank account.

user_avatarCummings David 06.08.2021

Moved to Apollofinances a little over a week ago. Start as usual for everybody. Registration, installation MetaTrader 4, downloading documents. I put the money, and the trade began automatically. The manager promptly called with some clarifications on the profile, offered help and to try various options, but I've already managed it by myself. The speed is wonderful, without any problems I tested the entire system in a few days. Orders are executed quickly, opening-closing in one or two seconds, trading in the middle term. Input without commission, withdrawal is basically in the same way, but bank interest can be withdrawn.

user_avatarGriffin Gervais 15.08.2021

I wanted to work in forex with real money for a long time. But one thing is to dream, and another is to see that it is not possible to get profit for me even on demos and micro accounts. I decided that I absolutely do not understand anything in betting and trading. Everything changed in my head only when I met an old friend who had recently registered with Apollofinances. According to him, with this broker you can consistently earn even on small transactions and deposits. I weighed the pros and cons, remembered a long-standing dream and thought that $ 300 won't even make a dent, I had to risk it. I opened the deposit and began to learn very carefully. I was afraid all the time that I was wasting all the money, was constantly reinsured, pulled support. There were drawdowns, and fell into the minus. Nervous terribly. For about a month I filled my hand and trained my brain until I realized that things were going uphill. The first 20 dollars withdrawn by trembling hands. I was terrified when the notification of the arrival of money failed and the whole amount was stuck where it was not known. It turned out that I was not aware of the mandatory verification before the first removal. Thanks to tech support, the managers figured out and the money went out in half an hour. There is no commission for withdrawal, by the way. Money is also fast, faster than withdrawal, there is no commission, and the transfer is at the current bank rate. I am pleased with the Apollofinances.

user_avatarHolmes Claude 21.08.2021

I have great respect for Apollofinances broker, I like the system of trading organizing, the work of consultants and customer support. All very seriously. The inability to call from the first time and the fact that managers cannot answer letters and online questions in real time spoil the pleasure of working a little. There are no complaints about the technical side. Normal quotes, float honestly on the market. Orders are executed quickly, left candles do not draw on the terminal, no one intervenes in transactions. My zone is USD / CHF and EUR / USD. In general, the spreads are fixed, do not jump, and relative to the market isn't high. I use local analytics, forecasts are quite realistic, this is a fat plus. Moreover, no one can give you a 100% guarantee. There are all the basic tools for scalping. The only pity is that there is no choice of terminal, not everyone likes the fourth MetaTrader. Communicated with the same traders, I know that many are waiting for the introduction of contests and various tournaments.

user_avatarJordan Raymond 26.08.2021

Good stable broker. A totally confident average, without any frills and claims. If you ask me, Apollofinances has already established itself in the market as a medium-sized broker with decent analytics, technical support, low spreads and an almost complete lack of disconnects. For 8 months of work I caught the breaks of communication only a couple of times, but honestly, I still don’t know what it was. Then I was just on the road, on a business trip, so maybe the whole thing is in the work of the operator. Apollofinances still does not charge commissions for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Consultants respond to emails during the day, by phone it is faster to contact, but not always from the first time.

user_avatarOliver Paul 27.08.2021

A year and a half already with Apollofinances. I was a newbie once, funny to remember how I was shaking from the first deals. Have already raised my 500 bucks to 2K during this time. At first, I was in a hurry to withdraw my profit, I was afraid that I would raise profit now, and then I would lose everything, I felt so bad about it. Over time, the fear went away, I began to save on the account. Confidence emerged, with experience for me the deals became predictable. I mainly trade analyst of Apollofinances + use technical analysis, and with this approach I can best maintain a steady income growth. Broker spreads are low, fixed, not rushing , and quotes are market average. No fees for input and output. Classic terminal MetaTrader 4, faithful horse.

user_avatarSullivan Jasper 30.08.2021

I was caught by my own stupidity. I answered a beautiful Lime Forex advert and a promotion with a welcome bonus. At first I poured money, and only then began to deal with the conditions. Well, I punished myself, I lost both the bonus and my first investment almost completely spent due to inflated spreads. I've given up and went to Apollofinances. I started with three hundred, trade with a leverage of 1: 300. What attracted me, there were low and static spreads, and tha fact that the general mood of the market does not particularly affect on them. However, as it turned out, the broker does not provide insurance for beginners on small deposits. Besides the technical support is not always in touch.

user_avatarCooper Marcus 11.09.2021

Does anyone have a problem with contacting a support? I waited for more than 10 minutes today. But then they answered me. Apparently they are under high workload. There are no complaints about the quality of the advice I received.

user_avatarSmall Clinton 11.09.2021

It looks like 90% of reviews about this broker are only positive. But I myself can not find a mistake because everything works well. There are no typical problems for other brokers.

user_avatarLogan Daniel 14.09.2021

This broker has almost no disadvantages. Both the support work and the management consulting are of very high quality. Without training and knowledge base, it will of course be difficult for you to deal with all the functions of the platform. However, you can ask the required questions after you have opened a demo account.

user_avatarThomas Joshua 22.09.2021

Which disadvantages have noticed me? First, there are delays in the payment, you can wait 10-12 hours. Second, it is difficult during peak times to get a council immediately. You have to wait in the line. There are no further disadvantages. I have been working together with a broker for 4 months and plan to continue.

user_avatarWood Steven 23.09.2021

I really like to have a trade app. I do not sit on the screen all day. With the mobile application I can track the market situation at any time and everywhere.

user_avatarHoward Francis 25.09.2021

But I have no complaints about customer service! I finished my night's session at six o'clock and then had to call my operator at 8.40 clock. They answered me immediately. That's why I love this company.

user_avatarHubbard David 03.10.2021

My experience with this page is 10 months. I liked everything, but I wanted to try on the crypto currency market. The first impression proved to be quite controversial - I did not earn much, but spent a lot of time. That's why I decided to return to more famous formats and of course to a best broker!

user_avatarRoss James 06.10.2021

How well that I do not handle practically no longer ... the reasons from my personal life. I hope we will contact you soon. It has a special atmosphere and the people of customer support have already become practical for me.

user_avatarKnight Elijah 07.10.2021

I have already worked with this broker. Now I was forced to take on such a job that no time left for bids at night. Also as a passive income. But as soon as this broker has completely fulfilled my requests. Here, the entire system is adapted, there are no technical errors (or you will be fixed immediately), the profit is real and it's just enough to get it.

user_avatarWalton Erik 11.10.2021

No criticism of the work of this broker will convince me! My personal experience is six months success. I am sure that all technical problems can be solved, but I find this stability somewhere else on today's shaky and nervous market.

user_avatarNorman Ethan 14.10.2021

The broker should be your best friend on the foreign exchange market. You will not make any stranger to your friend, right? For this reason, it is important to ask other users here according to their trading experience. It is important to understand what background of this broker has and whether there were big problems there. As far as I found out, this broker works clean.

user_avatarSmall Ronald 24.10.2021

I was with this broker for two months, but went to another and believed the beautiful promises to become rich the next day. As a result, I have not earned anything special, except the trouble communicating with their support. Back to my favorite broker!