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Apollofinances reviews of traders from Europe

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The Apollo Finances broker has been working with investors from Poland for a year now, offering different packages for beginners and experienced traders.

In this article, we have collected Apollofinances reviews, comments and suggestions for service and maintenance from their clients.

It is possible that you already know the name of Apollofinances, especially if you visited European trading platforms and came across a discussion of the work of this broker. The company is well known with among traders from EU. reviews

In general, company has the total number of more than 9 thousand clients across the globe, as the company points out on its official website.

User agreement and other documents

It is easy to find the texts of original legal documents in the top menu bar in the "Documents" section.

We advise you to pay attention to the "Risk Disclosure", which provides basic information about trading risks, especially while using leverage.

Where can I find information about reviews?

Reviews about the usability of the website and software of Apollofinances can be found on Trustpilot, Facebook. Broker is recently reviewed by many independent websites, just enter the required name in the Google search bar. The majority of comments are in English.

Company often receives good score on review websites. For example, there is such an answer of a potential client:

“They consider this market sector to be very promising. Their competitors were bolder than them and had begun to explore the opportunities this market opened up earlier. But they do offer the most convenient conditions when you can start trading with a small investment of $ 250. I guess they believe that investors are not ready to invest much during the quarantine, but they see their potential income."

Indeed, the company has four popular tariff packages, where the smallest one requires a deposit of just $ 250.


Types of accounts and sizes of deposits

The company provides four types of accounts, which are aimed both at clients who are only starting trade with large investors. Even the simplest "Bronze" tariff (the fee is only $250) implies an almost complete package of brokerage services:

  • The ability to trade on Forex;
  • All the tools and features;
  • Personal consultations;
  • Insurance of transactions.

To get real profit from trading, it is necessary to make a contribution of $2,000 or more ("Silver" tariff), which already opens an  access to the company's reserves. It means that the minimum tariff serves to a greater purpose for getting a knowladge about market and training.


Service in Apollofinances reviews

We checked the customer reviews about the quality of service. There are quite a few comments in English, some are already several years old and are less relevant.

Basically, clients of Apollofinances name three reasons why it is pleasant to work with the company:

  1. Qualified personal managers - they will tell you about the features of tariffs, advise on training materials, and reveal the secrets of the industry;
  2. Unbeaten strategies - in addition to basic practices, there are also unique;
  3. Fast technical support - at the level of software customization, network support, as well as in terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds.


Fred Miles, 43 years old, van driver

“Before, I did not understand how you can look at the dollar exchange rate with a smile, because it is always a very nervous moment - rate jumps, price jumps. Now, when I trade currencies, I have a completely different attitude to currency transactions. I'm thankfull to Apollofinances, especially for the case when I really needed to make a quickly withdraw the amount of money and this issue was resolved within 24 hours. "


Pierre Surejo, Turin (Italy), small businessman (dog grooming salon), 28 years old:

“I was very influenced by the way my business stopped in 2020. When the quarantine was lifted, my business started working again, but I've lost a lot. I was advised to make money work and I came to trade currencies. At first I chose a package with a small amount, it was scary to take risks. But I quickly understood how the terminal works and wanted to try real deals. I have been fortunate enough to have made good profits in the few months that I have been trading with Apollofinances. "

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Danial 17.04.2021

I would like to say a separate word of gratitude to the client service. We have been working together for several months. What would I do if I wouldn`t be sure - they`ll understand me and help? Magic quick response to requests!

Mark Freeman 21.04.2021

Had a problem with payments the day before yesterday. Contacted the broker. The problem was solved within 24 hours. Of course, I was nervous, I already mentally buried my money. But the question is closed successfully. Thank you!

Randolph 22.04.2021

Technical support is working properly. Two problematic issues were resolved quickly. There was a delay with the third, for a reason. I recommend contacting these tech gurus! This is how fintech should work.