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Tariff plans from Apollofinances broker become even more affordable!

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Apollofinances Client Portfolio Review: A broker that educates newbie traders.

Today we will talk about a mediator that helps new traders entering the market. Apollofinances broker has worked in Forex for several years and is certified by several thousand investors. Company has an ultimate experience in brokerage, financial markets and investments.

Broker with such experience could handle exceptionally large clients. However, for some time the Apollofinances broker has been dealing, among other things, with “young” traders who come to the market with slim to none experience and knowledge. Obviously, the company is thus expanding its audience and increasing the influx of new investors to Forex.

Let's take a closer look at the terms of cooperation with Apollofinances broker, who offers four tariff plans, with a minimum deposit of $ 250. At the same time, the main premium package is focused on a deposit of 50 thousand dollars or more, which suites large investors.

Starting Tariffs: Apollofinances broker for Investors with Modest Ambition

How Apollofinances comments the situation with low entry into the foreign exchange market? “The forex broker is now faced with the need to respond to the society needs - many people want to make money online and increase their income. The pandemic left no choice, now it is important to expand the market and allow small investors to find their place. "

The company offers starting package, which can be conditionally classified as small. However, for Forex this is little money and it would be pointless to trade if it were not for margin trading, which helps to increase investments several times. Smallest account type provides leverage of 1:100, what means that for every 100 dollars you invest you’ll operate 10000 dollars on the market.


Let's decipher the capabilities of these tariff plans:

  • In all cases, we are talking about the right way of usage fixed spreads.
  • There are leverage options for each package, even with a minimum deposit of $ 250;
  • For each account, immediately after its opening and verification, own account manager is allocated. He or she will help the trader to deal with the market specifics, trends and movements, as well as help them resolve any issues.
  • Please note that the first rate (Bronze) offers small leveraged trading (1:100). It means that, while client will top up his account or earn more profits, he will get higher leverage offer once he reaches level of $2000.


Premium Portfolio for Clients at review

Highest account type allows trading with a deposit of $50 thousand or more. That is, we are talking about a large investment (which, if desired, can be increased tenfold, and then tenfold again, since the company offers a leverage of 1: 400). With such an investment, the chances of making a good deal increase significantly.

This kind of account has own bonus offers and features that can be discussed directly with personal manager.


Apollofinances broker: years of experience

The company's experts provide several basic tips that equally apply to both novice traders and users of the company's VIP tariff:

  • A client initially assumes all responsibility for the transaction. No matter what recommendations trader gets, he still has to make a decision;
  • Margin trading is considered high-risk transactions and it is important for the client to be aware of this. To learn more about the risks of leveraged selling and understand the terms and conditions of such trading, it is worth reading an article "The Risk Disclosure document"on the website.

By the way, you can always ask for information or advice from your account manager. Also keep in mind that scam protection level is high and all new traders shall pass the verification.


Trading is an ongoing challenge for those involved, according to Apollo Finances broker. Companies with great opportunities are ready to support newcomers today literally from the first minute of entering the market.


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Jayden 19.04.2021

Great service... I like how professional their support crew is. The best feeling is when you've got a problem that seems larger than life, and then you contact them and in an hour or so your problem has dissolved completely. And they are always polite and really professional while at it, qualities so often missing with support staff these days. I tell you what - after you get to know them, you will surely fall in love with them. Professionally, of course.

Mitchell 20.04.2021

Best customer service! They are cool guys! I thought I lost everything due to some typo. But it turned out, I was just panicking. The problem was solved in an hour. Thank you, you are professionals!

August Dwight 22.04.2021

If something doesn't work out for you, even in the smallest details, please contact the support. There are no stupid questions for them. You can always get help here. Like that they work fast, much faster than you think. It seemed to me that my question was not professional, and the task was insoluble. Don't panic!