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Conclusions on the quality of the work of the British broker company and first-hand reviews published on Access Capital Markets

Even those who didn’t think about making money on Forex several years ago, started to think about trading due to the pandemic.

Some time ago people were less risky. It changed during Covid-19 and economic crisis.

Clients talking about Access Capital Markets reviews

Brokerage companies that preferred to work with a European client noticed an increased number of traders from Russia and the CIS countries. Now a lot of brokers compete for this market and strive to enter it. Tip for newbies: it creates very comfortable conditions to enter the market. Even an investment like $500 or even less, can have a personal account manager

Today we are looking at a UK company, Access Capital Markets.

Please note that the company is incorporated in London and is under the jurisdiction of the UK regulatory authorities. This is a great reputational plus for any intermediary dealing with client investments.

Legal address of the company:


Access Capital Markets is a Forex broker how has a history on the market up to two decades (!), And it expanded its activities to "small" traders six years ago, when tariffs with a minimum deposit appeared.

However, since last year, this level has dropped to $250. This is a nice opportunity for beginners. Now the company has 9 thousands clients.

As said in Access Capital Markets reviews - the company offers beginners the training materials that must be analyzed on their own. And after that traders can ask the questions of interest to a personal manager. The broker's website has a whole section with training videos and webinars.

There is a lot of reviews from EU traders. In the whole comments are positive. What do they indicate?

 - high level of service

 - up to date software for desktop or a mobile device

 - nice system of account types

Here is one of them

Ben Harris, Lisboa, 35, sales manager

 I have been working with Access Capital Markets quite recently, only the third month has gone, and in general, I am new to the financial markets. I would like to note the convenience of the official website. Everything here is structured into sections and it is not difficult to find the necessary information. I immediately found on the site how to download and install the trading terminal.

What are reviews?

The broker's website is in two languages - English and Russian. Website is user friendly and contains all the info and documents you need. Tariff plans are available in the section “Invest - Account Types.

You can see three packages designed for small investors. There are also three more tariff plans for customers with deposits of $10,000 and above. Portfolio "Black VIP" involves working with a whole staff of analysts, but the investment is over 100 thousand.

If you want to get cooperation agreement you need to connect with broker by email or by phone. There is also a feedback form on the site.

To familiarize yourself with trading rules, leverage and possible risks, it is better to visit the "Documents" section and read the user agreement and other documentation that the company has made available to the public.

You can also register immediately to get the right to enter the broker's web platform.

Of course, without opening an account, you will not be able to start trading, and for the latter you will have to go through verification and wait until the money is credited. Since the company complies with the conditions of anti-fraudulent laws (Anti Money Laundering), verification cannot be avoided. But it also provides additional protection for customers.

To register, you need to either select the "Register" button under one of the tariff plans, or click on the active button "Open a real account" located in the upper right corner of each page.

We have collected some reviews about this broker:

William Hart, London, shop owner

They will always quickly and clearly answer any question, give recommendations and explanations. Convenient personal account of the client, everything is structural, there are many ways to deposit and withdraw funds, for every taste, as they say. Money is withdrawn quickly, usually two to three days and the money is on the card. Special thanks for the security, in order to withdraw money you need to go through verification and confirm that you are the owner of the account. It is right. Recommend.

Kevin Sparks, 41, taxi driver, Rome

This is the only broker that has caught my attention, although I am very selective in my decisions. I liked the fact that the Access Capital Markets has a high level of service, the trading terminal works perfectly, deals are opened quickly, which adds convenience to trading. High level of protection - verification is required when withdrawing funds. I am for reliability!

Conclusions: to assess the activities of this broker, we analyzed about two hundred reviews left on social networks, on specialized forums. Our conclusion: clients are satisfied with and trust it.


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