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Professional opinion: Access Capital Markets scam department

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Three differences between honest brokers and scammers according to British experts.

Our traditional broker market review today brings up the topic of fraud, and according to scam is a significant part of trading environment – and every company must protect its clients from this. As for financial scams, we shall remind you that everyone can make money by investing in currencies, but it's also easy to fall into the trap.

According to the British company Access Capital Markets scam happens to hundreds of investors every year. The only question is how quickly a potential victim recognizes a fraudster and can avoid financial losses.

According to experts at Access Capital Markets scam responds to the growing interest in investing

This time we decided to contact a company that operates in London.

Access Capital Markets: Background Information

Access Capital Markets forex broker first entered the financial services market in 2001. The company began to work as a brokerage after almost ten years of successful mediation in various issues of funds investments and generating income.

In 2014, the company received its first award as a Forex broker. The clientele was then almost entirely British, although residents of other EU countries got interested as well.

In 2019, the broker added the expansion to the market of Eastern Europe into the strategic development plan, but it was necessary to reconsider the working conditions, since the local investors did not have either the experience or the massive capital, like the British. The final decision to reach clients from the CIS was made only in 2020: due to the growing interest in Forex trading during the pandemic.

You can get more advices on trading, exchange rate differences, forecasts and signs of fraud in person from the company's experts - by contacting the company's support service or by calling the hotline.

Pay attention to the broker's legal address: London, commercial office high-rise.

Provided by Access Capital Markets scam check on 3 differences

According to the company's specialists, there are three main differences between honest brokers and scammers. Two of them can be identified during the first acquaintance with the company's website, the third is revealed after the start of negotiations with managers. scam check: Honest broker offers simple registration

Usually, communication between a client and a company begins after registering on its web resource. Less often, the client writes an email or calls the company. Registration by itself does not mean opening an account, depositing money, or starting trading. This is only an initial acquaintance, when the client leaves his data and waits for the manager to contact him.

On the website, when registering, a client can immediately indicate which type of tariff he is interested in. He just chooses one of the tariff plans in the "Account Types" section and clicks on the "Register" button.

Important: the registration form does not require any financial spending, therefore no confidential customer data is required there. Unfortunately, there are some “brokers” appeared online who want the client to indicate his credit card details or other bank account details (supposedly for ease of calculating the money earned by the client on Forex) in the registration form. Usually, you can provide bank account data at the time of depositing or withdrawal of funds after the transaction is closed, so why do they need it at the time of registration? The reply simple: a fake broker wants to get the client's data in order to hack his card with the help of fraudulent software or otherwise use the obtained information.

In addition, most brokers use the procedure where the client opens an account with the company, where he independently credits any amount of money he needs. You do not need to provide details and other personal information in registration form.

However, we note that a company that is limited only to registration (without verification) also does not look reliable. All European brokers are required to comply with anti-fraud legislation (AML), otherwise they simply will not be able to obtain a license. Verification usually takes place after the client has registered, talked with the manager and decided to sign the contract.

Fair distribution of services and opportunities, depending on the tariff

Another potentially dangerous situation happens when unusually broad opportunities are prescribed according to a tariff plan with a minimum investment. For example, the leverage is 1: 1000 with a $ 100 deposit. What does this indicate?

First, that the broker for the first time selects a clientele and uses not entirely honest methods, giving unrealistic promises.

Secondly, that the company may turn out to be a financial pyramid, in which they try to collect as much money as possible from new customers for a short time - and disappear with this amount. As a rule, no financial services are provided.

An honestly working company allocates the resources of its team according to the investments and requests of the clients. That is, at VIP rates, several top specialists can be connected to work with investments, open a large leverage, insure all transactions and give access to the company's financial reserves. While at the rates for beginners or just traders with small amounts of investment, limited functionality is provided with a clear number of instruments specified for trading assets and one account manager.

You can find out more about the difference in tariff plans on the brokerage company's website like . For example, there’s no sign of scam: the "smallest" plan ($ 250, the "Novice" tariff) provides trading in currencies, and provides a limited number of instruments with limited leverage.

Fair working conditions: scam analysis

The manager cannot promise or advise the client how to invest on Forex successfully and with no risk. Such promises do not fully comply with the law, because in fact the broker can only give recommendations, and the client is fully responsible for his actions. This must be clearly understood before deciding to follow any advice. Usually, all the terms of cooperation are spelled out in the "User Agreement", documents regulating the return of money and transactions in high financial risk.

It is important to familiarize yourself with these documents, even if this is not your first time cooperating with a brokerage company - after all, each may have its own nuances.

You must also understand that there are different types of investment: for short-term earnings and for the long term. The choice depends on the market, the type of assets, the amount of investment, the strategy used.

By the way, according to scam happens at the stage of the first negotiations with a specialist, if he starts by offering the client to buy a ready-made financial exchange strategy. Usually such offers are made only by scammers, their strategies are not new and not effective, and the purpose of the sale is simply to make money on the gullibility of customers.


A sober look at the real possibilities and dangers of trading will help to immediately identify scammers. The latter promise a lot, require confidential data or try to sell something quickly from the first minutes. To choose an honest broker, pay attention to the website, information about the company, contacts, tariff plans and documents in the public domain.

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