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Absolute financial independence. Is it an illusion or no?

22 / February / 20 Bunsi Shakiramal Visitors: 220 Rating: ★★★★★

Absolute financial independence in the Forex market is an illusion. You can trade persistently and successfully. Accumulate a sufficient deposit in order not to conduct high-risk trading. But, at one point, you can lose all your money invested in trading.


There can be many reasons. For example, a failure in communication with the server at the time of the release of important news or a failure of the server at the broker, in the latter case, the stops will not save. You can, of course, then demand a long time for the broker to restore your deposit, but whether the broker will meet you is a big question.


It is also possible that the broker suddenly disappears with your money. Look for it later! No one excludes the possibility of a catastrophe in the world of finance, when the devil knows what is going on on the market and that no one can stop this process and everything and everything will fall into tartarra. What can we say about global crises. Crises are nothing, come and go, the main thing is to leave not with your depot! Even events such as earthquake, tsunami, the beginning of any other cataclysm or war, can rob you of your money.


Another point, purely psychological. Imagine that for many years of hard work on the stock exchange you made a deposit of several hundred thousand bucks, maybe even a million. Presented? Not bad, huh? You get a stable trading income without risking much. And then imagine what will happen to you if you suddenly lose for some reason, dependent or not dependent on you, this state acquired by hard work? Presented? That's it! Everything is not as simple as it seems.

Once I asked a rather successful analyst from Insta why he himself does not trade on the exchange? He replied to me that he used to trade and quite successfully, but got a nervous breakdown, abandoned this business and now sleeps quietly.


Based on my statements, I conclude for myself. Trading on the exchange can only serve as an addition to the main income, even if your main income is ten times less than the income from the exchange! Your main profession will be insurance against market collapse. You can always earn a piece of bread. Moreover, Forex trading does not require you to devote a lot of time to it. At first, beginners sleep, eat at the monitor, and wait when they get rich. Then comes the understanding that this is not necessary. And you need and need patience, the ability to wait, be able to reasonably take risks and other subtleties. Successful traders say that they only need to approach the monitor two to three times a day. I probably agree with them.


Ladies and gentlemen, trade, but remember that the market is an unpredictable beast. There is no guarantee that he will not eat you! I believe that financial independence in the first place depends on ourselves. If a person leaves the business at the first failures, while stubbornly imposing his point of view on the situation, ignoring experienced and sensible advice, then such a person will never comprehend financial independence.

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